About the Author


GNP Hibiya Statue Picture

Daniel DiManna is an artist, amateur film historian, writer, occasional voice actor, and a lifelong monster/kaiju fanatic. A graduate of Lourdes University with a degree in Fine Arts, his writing work has been published in G-Fan, Prehistoric Magazine, and on Scified.com.  His kaiju movie reviews can be heard on various episodes of the Kaijucast, and he can also be heard guest co-hosting several episodes of both Kaijuvision Radio and The Monster Island Film Vault.

In addition, Daniel served as Executive Producer (via Kickstarter) of 2019’s Kaiju Crescendo concert in Chicago, co-hosted a panel on Godzilla screenwriters Shinichi Sekizawa and Takashi Kimura at G-FEST XXVI, and appeared on two panels during 2020’s Kaiju Con-Line event. His voice-acting credits include playing Dr. Shida in the Godzilla Unmade audio drama adaptation of Bride of Godzilla?, and Dr. Dante Dourif in the Matango episode of The Monster Island Film Vault.

He lives in Sylvania, Ohio, surrounded by DVDs, posters, books, and his collection of over 700 monster/dinosaur/sci-fi action figures.