All good (or at least hopefully good!) books should be dedicated to someone who inspired the author to craft them, and this page will be the place where those who have inspired me to create will be immortalized. These will range from long-time inspirations (some of whom Godzilla fans will surely recognize) to people in my life whom I believe deserve recognition for supporting me over the years.

Most importantly, however, this page will be where the names of those who have supported me through Patreon will be enshrined. For believing in my vision and giving up your hard-earned money to help me realize my dream and share it with my fellow fans, you deserve a place on this list more than anyone. If you are one of these generous and wonderful people, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

These books are dedicated to:

The memories of the men who created Godzilla. Your passion, drive, creativity, and desire to change the world have come to define my life’s philosophy, and given me a joy that cannot be quantified;

The talented men and women who continue to bring monsters to life around the world in film, television, and print.  It’s because of you that this genre has continued, and for that dedication, I will be forever grateful;

My family and friends, whose love and support in all my creative endeavors over the years is appreciated beyond words;

Godzilla fans far and wide, of all ages and backgrounds, who know better than anyone what it’s like to have a sense of wonder;

And, last but certainly not least, to my wonderful Patreon supporters, without whom this project would likely have remained an unfulfilled dream forever:

-Aaron “Rant Reviews” DiManna

-Alyssa “Myrk Maiden” Charpentier

-“Booger Jesus”

-Chrono Sentinel

-Riley Roberts

-Dennis Clarke

-Alison Fey

-Nathan “Monster Island Film Vault” Marchand

-Jane Meyer

-Robert Monsarrat

Leland C. Holbird

-Ben Jackson

-Jay “Toku Toy Town” Key

And, of course…

Jimmy From NASA