Hello, G-Fans.

As I mentioned previously in my introduction, the very nature of this project prohibits me from ever selling these novelizations, as I don’t (currently) own the worldwide rights to the Godzilla character in perpetuity.  That distinction falls to Toho Co. Ltd., upon whose rights I have no intention of infringing.  That is why these novelizations are, and (barring some kind of dream-come-true partnership with Toho) will remain unofficial, posted online only, free of charge, and available to any and every fan who wants to read them.

That said, such a huge undertaking will require more man hours than my brain is capable of calculating, and much of that time is already dedicated to time consuming jobs that, while not paying much, enable me to keep my apartment and eat.  It is my dream to gradually make writing a main profession, and this project is a HUGE part of making that dream come true.

That is where Patreon comes into the story.  As uncomfortable as it is for me to ask for monetary support, its possible that such support may be the only way a project this big will ever be completed.

Any money donated to Patreon by my readers will enable me to, for example;

  • more easily procure necessary research materials used in the crafting of the novelizations (including scripts, Japanese books containing information on deleted scenes and behind the scenes details, promotional material with bits of ephemera to be included in the Timelines, etc.)
  • hire/pay for the services of translators for material that I am unable to read/translate myself.
  • work less hours at my jobs on a given day or days, allowing me to write during that time and provide you with your content faster.

While my ability to compensate you for your donations is currently limited, I do have rewards presently in place that range from recognition on the site and early access to chapters and updates, to having your name inserted into a book in progress!  (Please check the Patreon page for more details on these rewards.)  In addition, if we can grow our number of supporters sufficiently, I have plans for other rewards, such as tee shirts, prize giveaways, exclusive behind the scenes content, and other surprises.

If you enjoy what you read on this site and want to support this effort financially, donations of ANY amount are appreciated beyond words. It is a vote of confidence in my work, and a gift that allows me to put even more effort into this project, and that means the world to me. To those of you who would consider donating, or those whom have done so already, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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