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Hello, dear readers!

Welcome to the GNP Timeline!  Or, to be more precise, the origin point for exploring timelines.  As any Godzilla fan knows, the world of the Monster King isn’t just ONE world, but many.  The franchise has spanned multiple continuities and universes, each a unique and often complex matrix of events, characters, exotic weapons, otherworldly invaders, and, of course, colossal monsters wreaking havoc on humanity.  Each “Zilla-Verse” is unique unto itself; no two are exactly the same, and sometimes keeping track of all the goings on in these various continuities can get a bit complicated, even for the most dedicated of fans!

This part of the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT will endeavor to make this aspect of the franchise a little less complicated, but certainly no less fun.  This will be the place where a series of detailed Godzilla timelines will be crafted, connecting the events, characters, and continuities of each novel (and, by extension, the films themselves) as I write them.  (There will be no goofy attempt to squeeze all of the events of EVERY Godzilla movie into one inaccurate timeline; as fun and insane as that would be to see, it certainly wouldn’t be accurate!)

Here’s how it works: below, you’ll see the names of each of the major film timelines (Showa, Heisei, etc.)  Clicking on one of these (if a link is available) will bring you to a page dedicated solely to that continuity’s timeline.  Once on the Timeline page of your choice, the largest text you will see (running down the left-hand side of the page) will be years, timespans (anywhere from a few years to millions of years), or even eras/geological periods.  From there, descending bullet points will illustrate specific events.  Actual dates/times are provided if applicable.  These events range from real-world happenings that have influenced the Godzilla stories (the extinction of the dinosaurs, the atomic bombings of Japan, etc.) to the events from the films themselves (monster attacks, character’s births/deaths, alien invasions… you get the drift!).  Where possible, I’ll denote where the information comes from, and whether something is conjecture, inference, or seen-on-film fact.  (Example: I’ll be talking about how the Earth’s monsters were moved to Monster Land in the Ogasawara Islands, an event that was never seen in any film but one that we know obviously happened before the events of Destroy All Monsters.)

In addition, while I’ll be taking this scholarly approach to chronicling the events of the Godzilla series seriously, it certainly won’t be without a sense of fun.  The inherent absurdity, for example, of having so many similar looking, similarly aged characters (all, of course, played by the same actor) running around in the Showa era is fully acknowledged by notes from me (with tongue planted firmly in cheek), but still acknowledged as canon.  Its things like that which make these timelines such a joy to work on, and I hope you all can feel that joy while reading them!

(NOTE: Much like the Godzilla novelizations that are the bread and butter of the GNP, this timeline (or, more accurately, timelines) will be a work in progress, constantly being added to and expanded.  So if you see something missing from one of the timelines, no worries… it’ll probably be added soon!  That said, I HIGHLY encourage any omissions you see to be mentioned in the comments section at the bottom of this page.  I’m bound to miss something(s), so any help is more than welcome!)

This is a project that, like the novels themselves, will take a great deal of time,  But don’t worry… this will be an exciting part of the website, and the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT as a whole, and I can’t wait to continue sharing it with you.

And now, on to the good stuff.  The Timelines await!







MILLENNIUM A (The “G2K” Timeline)

MILLENNIUM B (The “Megaguirus” Timeline)

MILLENNIUM C (The “GMK” Timeline)

MILLENNIUM D (The “Kiryu Saga” Timeline)

MILLENNIUM E (The “Final Wars” Timeline)




4 thoughts on “The Timeline

  1. I can’t wait for the day where this becomes the quintessential Godzilla Compendium. You are off to a great start! Reminds me of old Barry’s Temple…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Man, that’s quite the compliment! Thank you so much! I still have a fair ways to go, but I’m glad you’re enjoying what’s been done so far. This is a dream project of mine, and seeing fans enjoy it means a lot to me.

      I LOVED Barry’s Temple back in the day. I think that site had a tremendous impact on how Godzilla-themed websites work nowadays. Those were truly some great times.


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