Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla: Prologue


The GNP Presents:

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla


From the original story by Shinichi Sekizawa, Jun Fukuda, Masami Fukushima, and Hiroyasu Yamamura

Novelization by Daniel DiManna


“In consequence of inventing machines, men will be devoured by them.”

– Jules Verne





A cold wind swept across the craggy rocks and icy waters of Northern Sibera, blanketing the air in a bitter fog that obscured the resting form of a giant. From a distance, the spike-covered carapace of the unconscious beast might have appeared to be little more than another jagged peak slicing through the thick snow. But this was no rocky hill. Beneath its armored back, four legs lay obscured by snow and dirt, and a long tail trailed out behind its massive body to disappear into the immense chasm from which it had dragged itself. The monster had been exhausted, pushed to its physical and mental limits as it clawed and pushed its way through thousands of miles of dirt and rock, desperate to reach the surface. Finally, at the end of its strength, it had succeeded. For days it had lain all but lifeless on the frozen ground where it had collapsed, recovering and regaining its strength. Now, its eyes opened.

Anguirus was alive.

As the dinosaurian behemoth slowly regained consciousness, its scaly body began to rise. Moments later, Anguirus’ head lifted to the sky and issued forth a mighty bellow. The tenacious monster had never been one to surrender to circumstance, and despite having emerged into a desolate place no doubt thousands of miles from his island home, he refused to despair. If his home still existed, he would return to it, no matter how long it took or what stood in his way.

But as the monster prepared to turn and descend back into the hole behind him, he stopped as a memory suddenly crept back into his conciousness. There was a reason he had chosen to ascend where he had. While desperation had been his main driving force, there had been something else that compelled him forward. A feeling, an instinct that something above him was happening. Something unnatural.

Now this instinct returned to Anguirus will full force. Lifting his head farther up above the peaks, the beast began to crawl forward, unburying his legs and feet from the snow. As he moved between the snow-covered rocks, Anguirus grew more and more anxious, more determined to follow his intuition to the very end. The farther he traveled, the more uneasy he grew.

Something was most definitely wrong. Very wrong.

In moments, Anguirus’ gigantic body had covered enough ground to allow the monster a view past the snowy rocks and perpetual fog. He could see a gigantic mountain before him, on a landmass surrounded by water.

Water. Not ice.

The water lapped and flowed unusually, as if a massive storm were moving in. But Anguirus saw no storm, felt no strong winds against his scales. The water began to flow faster, churning and breaking against the icy shore that lay at the monster’s feet. Suddenly, a flash of light caught Anguirus’ eye. He looked up to see that the mountain that towered above him appeared to be blinking with a blinding, blue glow that only became more intense as it reflected off the water and ice around it. Instinct compelled the monster to shut his eyes from the light, but the stubborn creature ignored the urge, forcing himself to look upon the mountain. As the light grew brighter and the flashing increased, Anguirus roared again, and then again, as if to challenge the force that seemed ready to tear the mountain apart…

Finally, the mountain, and the island around it erupted into brilliant and towering flame. Red sparks shot like firecrackers from the crumbling landmass, firing from every angle to burn the surrounding fog to a bloody crimson.

And from the chaos came a roar. A challenge to the Earth that echoed, seemingly forever, across the baron and icy landscape…


Chapter 1 Coming Soon.


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