Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla: The Unofficial Novelization


Godzilla Title #21



The year is 1995.

In the wake of Godzilla’s defeat of Mechagodzilla, the King of the Monsters and his newly adopted son retreated from Japan, ultimately arriving on the uninhabited Birth Island, where they would settle in the hopes of living their lives in peace. However, the UNGCC has no intention of letting the monster find this peace, and they have developed a new superweapon that they believe will finally defeat him once and for all.

But this time, humanity will have to get in line.

For in the far reaches of space, a new evil has awakened. A perverted amalgamation of crystalline organisms and the cells of Godzilla himself – brought to the far reaches of the galaxy by a previous opponent – have fused to birth a new and terrifying being of incredible power and uncontrollable rage. And the sole purpose of its existence is to find the creature whose cells gave it life… and destroy it.

When the indomitable space monster arrives on Earth, it makes its intentions clear by defeating Godzilla in battle and capturing his son – the now 30 meter tall Little Godzilla – within an impenetrable crystal prison. Enraged, the Monster King takes the bait and follows his intergalactic clone back to Japan, where the beast has transformed the city of Fukuoka into a glistening crystal fortress.

The stage is set for an epic battle between the creature dubbed Spacegodzilla, the UNGCC’s newest mecha – the transforming titan known as M.O.G.U.E.R.A. – and Godzilla himself, who, with the psychic aid of ally Miki Saegusa, arrives to put an end to his intergalactic opponent once and for all. Can the nuclear behemoth succeed? Can humanity be persuaded to fight alongside their longtime enemy, rather than against him?

And when the smoke clears… will the Earth have a newly crowned King of the Monsters?


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