Mothra vs. Godzilla: Prologue


The GNP Presents:

Mothra vs. Godzilla


From the Screenplay by Shinichi Sekizawa

Novelization by Daniel DiManna



This novelization is dedicated to the immortal memory of legendary actress Yuriko Hoshi, who blessed so many films from Japan’s Golden Age (including Mothra vs. Godzilla) with her presence.  Generations of fans from around the world connected with her passion, her beauty, and her talent, and will no doubt continue to do so as we carry her memory in our hearts forever.

Thank you, Miss Hoshi.




The peoples of this world must unite or they will perishBy our minds we are committed, committed to a world united, before the common peril, in law and in humanity.

– J. Robert Oppenheimer (November 16th, 1945)





The sea was restless.

Rain blew in huge, sweeping sheets across the surface of the rising water, the wind causing the droplets to fly more to the side than straight down.   Above the unending rain, dark storm clouds made an already blackened night even darker, and far below the heavy clouds lay mile upon mile of choppy waves and churning foam.

The violent typhoon had been brewing for some time, but on this night it had lashed out in all its violent fury, and was quickly approaching the southern coast of Japan. The blowing rain would reach the shoreline far before the first wave would arrive.

But arrive it would, bringing destruction in its wake.

The first waves to hit land were small, almost gentile breakers that lapped delicately against the edge of a freshly painted dock. Beyond the dock stood a large, stone archway that towered over the grass and sand surrounding it. Behind it, standing further along the beach, was an expansive white tent, under which rested several rows of benches and tables, set up in anticipation for an impending gathering. The red and white striped tarp walls of the tent were only just beginning to blow and ripple in the increasing wind. A few hundred feet further down the beach stood a large building, a series of lines connecting its roof with the top of the tent. From the lines, a multitude of colored flags were beginning to flap wildly, filling the air with the sound of snapping vinyl.

A sign on the stone arch read: “Grand Opening: KURATA BEACH”.

The waves hitting the dock had become larger, for more forceful. The sound of the powerful winds had drowned out the flapping of the flags, and the rain had begun to thunder down with an incredible intensity. The combined might of the wind and water soon completely removed the tent of its striped walls, and then of the benches and tables beneath it. Seconds later, and the tent itself was torn from the ground, collapsing and catching the intense wind that carried it across the beach. The sudden destruction of the tent severed several of the flag lines running from its top to the summits of both the large building and the stone arch, which were each beginning to show their own signs of structural damage. The power lines that encircled the area began to fall like dominos, the wooded beams snapping under the stress of the approaching typhoon. After another moment, a loud series of cracks signaled the end of the stone arch; no longer able to withstand the abuse, the structure failed at multiple points and crumbled onto the beach below.

Seconds later, and the entire Kurata Beach area was underwater, instantly submerged by a wave the size of a three story building. The massive wave brought with it a small boat, which soon crashed into the still standing building, fracturing the windows on an entire floor. The next wave came, bigger than the last, and with it came a second, larger boat that smashed into the dock and flipped over to impact the submerged beach with enough force to imbed its bow into the sand. However, the powerful wind soon dislodged it, carrying it further inland as yet more waves followed close behind.

In minutes, the area was nearly indistinguishable from the ocean that had engulfed it. And still, the waves continued. As the night went on, more and more waves collided with the coast, carrying with them the debris and wreckage of mankind. As the water level continued to rise, a massive form was carried, silent and unseen, into the area that had once been Kurata Beach.

And further out at sea, something else was approaching, floating upon the waves that had brought it so very far from home…


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