The Birth of Godzilla

“The struggle I face in this moment cannot adequately be put into words. Through this book, I hold the key to the future. I have the ability to warn of destruction to come, of monsters yet to rise, of a country whose greed will lead to its downfall. But I am silenced. Silenced by my own realization that this is the way it must be. I cannot use my words to warn of anything, nor to save the lives I know will be extinguished. This must happen. The next part of the story must be told. It already has been told. The end is in the beginning. And that beginning is now in my hands…”

Cover Proof (Pending Publisher Approval)

The Book:

Editorial Notes: 9/18/92

FORWARD (by Professor Hironori Masaki)


PART 1: A Brief History of Godzilla: 1954-Present

PART 2: Lagos Island: The Atoll Time Forgot

PART 3: Interview with Professor Takehito Fujio, Director of National Institute of Science and Technology

PART 4: Interviews with Lagos Survivors Masukichi Ikehata and Yasuaki Shindo

AFTERWORD: Conclusions and Significance