The Tiny Beauties and Mothra: A Nitto Press Exclusive

As loyal Nitto readers know well, the “Snapping Turtle” never lets go of a story once he’s gotten a hold of it, and believe me: this was a story that I had no intention of loosening my jaws on. At least, that’s how I started this strange and amazing journey. What began as a simple journalistic curiosity would steadily grow into a tale of unbelievable greed, lost worlds, international intrigue, exotic beauty, and – at the end of the day – integrity. Not just of the journalistic variety, but true, honest, human integrity. The kind of integrity that can change a person’s life, and the kind of integrity that can cause even a seasoned reporter like myself to reconsider the usual urgency with which fantastical stories are shared with an eager audience…

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The Article: Part 2