UPDATE #1 (2/22/18)

Wow, its finally happening!

Hello, dear reader and fellow Godzilla fan, and welcome to the first update for the GNP! To celebrate the launch of the project, the website, the… well, the everything (!), the first update will be the posting of the first chapter of the first novelization I am tackling…

The original Godzilla (a.k.a. Gojira) from 1954.

When thinking about this project over the years, I had always kind of known that this would be the logical place to start. It’s the literal beginning of everything, the first Godzilla story. It’s also a beautiful, important, and deservedly cherished film. In other words, it’s a huge challenge to convert to the written word. Turning something as reliant on visuals as a kaiju film into a book was always going to be a challenge, but tackling the original Godzilla is several layers of CRAZY layered into one, Daikaiju-sized challenge.

But hey, if I can make THIS one work, the other 29 and counting shouldn’t be TOO difficult… right? I guess we’ll see.

Until then, the phrase “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” has never felt so appropriate and applicable as I invite you to read – and hopefully enjoy – Chapter 1 of Godzilla: The Unofficial Novelization:

Read it here.

Stay tuned for more chapters and further updates soon!

(NOTE: Posted chapters will always, in one way or another, be a work in progress. The chapter above will very likely be changed and edited multiple times as the project continues. This could be as simple as fixing a typo or changing a word, or something more substantial like adding or subtracting entire paragraphs. When possible (or deemed significant enough by me to mention), I’ll update you on what was changed. This process will, hopefully, allow me to craft the best book I can over time. And make no mistake: this WILL take time, and lots of it. But I’m in for the long haul if you are!)

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