UPDATE #3 (3/1/18)

Happy March, G-Fans!

It’s been an interesting few days at GNP Headquarters. First, I launched the official Facebook page… only to have it get locked 24 hours later. As of now, it is STILL locked. If you’re interested in following the project on Facebook, be sure to keep checking the link on the Contact page. Eventually, it will work. Eventually…

Then, I attempted to create a Twitter page, only to have a snowstorm blow in and muddle my internet connection. This issue also kept me from getting this update sent out earlier. Like I said, it’s been interesting.

But the good news (assuming my connection holds out long enough to post this) is that I was able to use that internet-less time to polish Godzilla: Chapter 2, and start preparations on another, SECRET project that I’m super excited about. More on that one soon.

Until then, here’s Godzilla: Chapter 2 for you to (hopefully) enjoy! (Again, expect a few minor edits on this and other chapters now and then.)

I’m hard at work on more chapters (and fixing/setting up my social media), so be sure to check back soon for more updates! And, if you like what I’ve written so far, leave me a comment to let me know!

Happy reading!

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