Update #18 (7/9/18): The FAQ is Live! Plus, a Few Noteworthy Edits!

Howdy, readers!

First, I’m pleased to announce that the site now has an official FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, where you will find a collection of queries regarding different aspects of the Godzilla Novelization Project, along with corresponding answers!  As my audience continues to grow, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of questions I’ve been asked about my creative process, how readers can help the project grow, plans for the future, and other inquiries.  I hope that this page provides satisfactory answers to these questions, and gives a little more insight into the why’s, when’s, and how’s of the GNP!

Currently, there are 12 questions/answers on the page, and I fully intend to add more as time goes on!  If you have a question that you’d like answered, and don’t see it on the FAQ page, contact me and ask away!

The second bit of business involves some slight editing that I’ve done on a few novelization chapters.  At the top of the Novels page, I mention that edits to any GNP writing project are to be expected, as such changes are meant to improve my work and create better novels.  I also mention that larger edits will be noted, and this is definitely one of those times!

The first changes can be seen in both the first and second parts of The Steve Martin Report, in which a few extra details have been added, and one major continuity error amended.  This has resulted in an additional paragraph being added to Part 2, and the reshuffling of a few sentences to better reflect the more accurate presentation.

Next up is Godzilla vs. Hedorah, which has had multiple edits made to improve grammar, scentence flow, and character perspective across multiple chapters.  In addition, expect the INCREDIBLY long Chapter 1 to be broken up into two different chapters within the next day or so.  While the chapter’s length wouldn’t be an issue in print form, it is simply too long for online reading, and so the second half will be separated into a new Chapter 2.  (This, of course, means that the current Chapter 2 will now be Chapter 3, and the next chapter to be published will be Chapter 4, and so on.). Hopefully, this will benefit the overall reading experience, and create a better novel in the process!

Whew!  I think that’s enough for today.  Be sure to let me know if you’re enjoying the improvements to the site and it’s content, and stay tuned for more updates soon!  This is an exciting week for the GNP, so expect more news and announcements in the coming days!

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