UPDATE #26 (8/23/18): Further Updates to the Sony Timeline!

That’s right, the Sony Timeline has been updated YET AGAIN!

I have to say, working on the research for this project had been a blast. This latest batch of added information has been gleaned from analysis of an early shooting script and several newly acquired publications released in 1998 to market the film and its animated sequel.  The script in particular has been absolutely fascinating to study, as it contains a few minor differences from the final script that went before the cameras, including deleted sequences, character names/backgrounds, and some details that ended up influencing the plot of  Godzilla: The Series.  For example, did you ever wonder why Colonel Hicks was suddenly a Major in the show?  This early script has the answer to this mystery and others, and more revelations are being added to the Timeline as they are discovered!

In addition, info on the events from the animated series’ ninth episode, entitled “Hive”, has been added, detailing the H.E.A.T. Team’s encounter with giant bees and man-eating vines on a volcanic island.  It’s a great episode, and was a joy to catalogue!

Follow this link to check out the new info! 

With new material from which to pull info (including the aforementioned script and Godzilla: The Movie Scrapbook, to name a few examples), the Sony Timeline will be receiving regular updates for quite a while.  Expect larger updates to be noted here on the main page, and stay tuned for more additions to other parts of the GNP in the near future!

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