UPDATE #29 (10/12/18): Introducing the GNP’s Very Own Behind-The-Scenes Blog!

Happy October, monster fans!

Ah, October… the one time of year when being a connnoisseur of creature features is not only socially acceptable, but encouraged!  It’s always a special month for me, and likely for you, as well.  And mark my words, the GNP will certainly be taking advantage of this spookiest of seasons to have a little fun and unleash some extra special content… but more on that in a later update.

Today, a new and (hopefully) exciting part of the website is being revealed, and it’s something I’m thrilled to be working on as I continue my journey to convert all the Godzilla films to the written word…

Introducing… the GNP’s’ every own Behind-The-Scenes Blog!  Or, as I’m choosing to call it, my “Monster Musings“.

Be sure to follow the above link for a more detailed rundown of what this new section of the site will be all about, but in a nutshell, the Monster Musings will be a collection of blogs/articles that will take detailed looks into the creative process behind the GNP, analyzing and discussing various aspects, challenges, and observations encountered during my quest to novelize the Godzilla series.  Consider it a peek behind the curtain, courtesy of a guy who probably spends WAY too much time thinking about monster movies.

If you are a Patreon supporter, then you have hopefully already read and enjoyed the first of these blogs.  Now, the page is being made public for all fans to enjoy!

So, if you’re interested, follow this link to check out the first of the GNP’s Monster Musings.  Be sure to let me know what you thought here on the site or on social media!

I’ll be back SUPER soon with another update, but until then, I hope you all continue to enjoy your Halloween season!

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