Update #37 (2/8/19): “Casefile: MATANGO” Continues with Part 5!

Happy February, Godzilla lovers!

The GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT has been hard at work on a number of projects in the last month, and new (and hopefully exciting!) content is coming your way soon! Today, the newest installment (Part 5, for those keeping track!) of the ongoing short story Casefile: MATANGO has been published for all to read!

I have to say, the process of retelling the chilling events of Ishiro Honda’s metaphorical masterpiece has been incredibly enjoyable. If I had to estimate, I’d say this adaptation is roughly halfway completed, meaning that you can expect five additional parts/chapters to be published before the story is complete. Hopefully, getting all of that written won’t take too long!

Follow this link to continue the Testimony, and I’ll see you all soon for the next update!

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