UPDATE #50 (8/19/19): Help Support the GNP with Amazon Affiliate Marketing Links!

Hey there, readers!

It’s been a while since the last update, but rest assured, exciting things are happening behind the scenes! All will be announced in due time, but today, it’s time to reveal one of the bigger things I’ve been working on since G-FEST ended…

On various pages of the website (most notably on each novel’s Contents page) can now be found links to Amazon.com, specifically to items (DVD’s, Blu-rays, books, and more) hand picked by me to appeal to Godzilla fans/kaiju lovers! By clicking these links and purchasing said items, the GNP receives a small monetary percentage of the sale!

Welcome, dear friends, to the wonderful world of affiliate marketing!

Why is this a thing? Much like Patreon, this is a way for the GNP to acquire funds for research material, translators, and the future production of merch for supporters. Affiliate marketing purchases from readers like you might not produce a lot of money at first (perhaps as little as a few cents per purchase), but that money adds up with more clicks and purchases, and the resulting revenue is, like Patreon donations, reinvested right back into the project.

In other words, by using one of the links found across the website (and on a special master list linked below) for your next kaiju-related purchase, you’re not only adding new Godzilla goodies to your collection, but you’re helping the GNP continue to create content at no extra charge to you!

Just as with Patreon, any support via affiliate marketing is immensely appreciated, and to those who would consider using the GNP’s new links to order (or pre-order) their G-swag, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Check out the master list here, and if you see something you like, follow the link and get to buyin’! (Note: this list is still a work in progress. Expect more additions in the future!)

See you soon for the next update, and as always, thank you for your continued support!

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