UPDATE #65 (7/12/20): The GNP’s Showa Timeline is Live!!

Greetings, readers!

If you’re reading this update on the day it’s been published, you’ve likely just come from the Kaiju Con-Line “The Original MCU” panel that I co-hosted! If you’re reading this later, well… it honestly doesn’t matter, because the important thing is that you’re here!

Either way, here’s the gist: on Sunday, July 12th, 2020, I was lucky enough to present an in-depth panel with my friend/co-conspirator Nathan Marchand on the intricacies of Toho’s Showa-era universe of films (and one TV show). In fact, as of this writing, I’ve just finished that panel! If you watched it, I hope you were entertained (despite the insane technical difficulties…) and learned some fun stuff!

Anywho, much of the material presented in that panel came from years of research I’ve done on the subject. A lot of that research has been in preparation for the eventual publication of the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT’s own Showa Timeline. Like the other timelines here on the site, the Showa Timeline will be an in-depth chronicle of major and minor events, from the advent of each monster to the birthdays of major characters.

A lot of the finer details and more in-depth parts of the Timeline were excised from the panel (brevity being a key factor; we only had about 40 minutes, after all!), but as I said at the end of the presentation, that info will ultimately be published in the website’s Timeline over multiple updates.

However, one thing I didn’t have time to announce was this: as of today, the first part of the Showa Timeline has been officially published!

So, if you’re a con attendee who wanted more information on the Timeline, it’s now here for you to enjoy!

So without further ado, I present Part 1 of the GNP’s Showa Timeline!

(With any luck, Part 2 should be coming soon! The material currently present on the Timeline relates to events that lead up to the 20th Century. Believe me, there’s more happening during that time period than you might think!)

Once again, I thank you all sincerely for your continuing support. If you got to check out (A.K.A. survived) the panel, I thank you for that, too! I hope you enjoy the first part of the Showa Timeline, and all of the future Showa mayhem to come!

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