UPDATE #80 (8/28/21): The First Official Episode of the GNP’s Monster Musings Podcast is Live!

Hey there, and welcome to the 80th GNP update! (Or, as I’m choosing to call it, “Updeighty”! Yeah, I’ve definitely been waiting 79 updates to tell that lame joke…)


I teased today’s big news yesterday in my Status Report, but now it’s finally time to make it official…

I’m thrilled to announce that the first episode of the GNP’s Monster Musings podcast is live!!

This new Patreon-exclusive podcast will take deep dives into topics related to the development of the GNP’s stories, offer behind-the-scenes looks into how I create the books, address creative challenges as they come along, answer questions from readers (as well as occasionally invite readers on for monster-centric chats) and even delve into historical, production, cultural, esoteric, philosophical, or random topics related to Godzilla and kaiju. Pretty much anything is on the table, including episodes about the creative process, balancing work with personal life, the importance of constructive criticism, inspirations and influences, and more.

If all of this sounds like it would be up your alley, you can give the show a listen by becoming an official Patron of the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT! Every episode will be available for all Patrons regardless of support tier, which means that you can tune in for as little as $1 a month!

Patreon funds go toward helping me procure necessary research materials, letting me hire/pay for the services of translators, and allowing me to work fewer hours at my day job so that I can dedicate more time to GNP writing. It also gets me closer to realizing my goal of pursuing creative writing as a fulltime occupation.

To those of you who would consider supporting, and to those whom have done so already, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your help is deeply appreciated and humbling, and I endeavor every day to be worthy of your continuing trust and readership.

If you’re a Patron, follow this link below to check out Episode 1! This week is all about Mothra, with topics including the significance of the original 1961 film, the awesomeness of screenwriter Shinichi Sekizawa, what the character means to me and the Godzilla fandom, and how/why I wrote the GNP’s latest short story, “The Tiny Beauties and Mothra,” the way I did.

Happy listening, and I’ll see you all soon for the next update!

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