All Monsters Attack: The Unofficial Novelization


GOdzilla Title #10



The Year is 1969.

While the rapid modernization of post-WWII Japan has yielded undeniable benefits for the society of a growing nation, there have been other, less desirable effects. Dreary industrial settings, air pollution, dense and unending traffic, rising crime, and a generation of latchkey children – often left to fend for themselves – have come to define this culturally turbulent chapter in the story of 20th Century Japanese history…

Nine-year-old Ichiro Miki is one such child growing up in this environment. With his parents at work all day, and his confidence crushed by a gang of bullies led by the intimidating Gabara, little Ichiro often finds himself alone, with only the junk he has collected from a nearby abandoned factory to entertain him. His only escape from his lonely existence are his dreams.

And Ichiro dreams of monsters.

For in the mind of Ichiro exists a colorful world that couldn’t be more different from the smoggy, bully-filled world of his waking life. Inspired by stories of city-crushing kaiju and epic battles, Ichiro’s dreams take him to Monster Island, home to Godzilla, Anguirus, Rodan, Kumonga, Kamacuras, Ebirah, Manda, and other titanic creatures. The island is also home to Minilla, the son of Godzilla, with whom Ichiro becomes friends. But Minilla has problems of his own, namely a gigantic, warty bully of a beast who, not so coincidentally, is also named Gabara. As Minilla musters his bravery to stand up for himself, each dream visit to Monster Island leaves Ichiro having learned another lesson about his own life, and how, perhaps, he has had the strength of bravery within him all along.

Can Ichiro, through his connection to his imaginary friend, find a way to deal with the cruelties of his real life existence? And, when that life is threatened by the antics of two bank robbers, will he be able to use what he has learned to defend himself and save the day?





More Chapters Coming Soon!




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