Godzilla: The Unofficial Novelization

Godzilla Title #1 (B&W)


The year is 1954.

The nation of Japan, nine years removed from the horrors of the Second World War yet still living under the horrifying shadow of the nuclear mushroom cloud, finds itself at the epicenter of a bizarre and tragic mystery when a series of shipping accidents begin to plague the South Pacific. As a team of reporters and scientists begin an investigation into the cause of these strange events, it quickly becomes clear that the answers they seek will come to shake their weary homeland to its core…

For on the isolated Odo Island, there exists a legend. The legend of a terrifying beast who resides in the sea, and rises to strike fear into the hearts of mortal men.

Its name is Godzilla.

And it is no legend.

Thrust horrifyingly from the realm of myth into the real world through the arrogance and hubris of man, Godzilla emerges to rain holy destruction down upon the modern world that created him. The splitting of the atom has awakened and mutated a behemoth against which no man, or weapon, can hope to survive.

As the giant monster emerges from the sea to lay waste to Tokyo, fate will task a tortured scientist bearing a terrible secret, a young woman honor bound to guard that secret, and the man she loves with ending the beast’s reign of terror, before the world falls to his atomic fire.

A sacred messenger. The bomb incarnate. A living nightmare.

The King of the Monsters has come.





More chapters coming soon!


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