Godzilla vs. Gigan: The Unofficial Novelization

Godzilla Title #12


The year is 1972.

Down-on-his-luck manga artist Gengo Kotaka is in a bind. After a series of unsuccessful pitches, his exciting tale of gigantic, menacing monsters remains unpublished, and his money is running out. However, after following up on a tip from his supportive and assertive girlfriend Tomoko, Gengo may have finally found his big break…

On the outskirts of Tokyo, a new theme park christened “World Children’s Land” is under construction. Presided over by a teenage Chairman with a genius-level intellect, the park plans to highlight the monsters of the world, both ancient and new, with its centerpiece a gigantic tower built in the imposing form of the Monster King himself: Godzilla. After a visit to the site, Gengo is quickly commissioned to illustrate his original monster characters for the company. All in the name of their consistently restated goal of a “perfect peace” on the planet Earth…

As Gengo’s suspicions about his mysterious new employers begin to rise, the accidental acquisition of a stolen data tape brings him into contact with young Machiko Shima and her hippie friend Shosaku, who claim that Machiko’s brother – a computer technician working at the World Children’s Land site – had discovered the organization’s true, diabolical intentions before going missing. With their help, Gengo discovers that the two men behind the park – company head Kobota and Chairman Fumio Sudo – are not who they claim to be. In fact, they may not be “men” at all…

And when their plan for “perfect peace” culminates in the summoning of two space monsters – the dreaded King Ghidorah and the powerful cyborg Gigan – to Earth, it becomes a race against time for Gengo and his friends to save the world from their rampage. Fortunately, they won’t be fighting alone, for the signal that summoned the space monsters has also called forth two Earth-born titans – Godzilla, and his old foe Anguirus – who will come together to defend the planet from certain destruction.

With four gigantic beasts converging on Tokyo, can our heroes succeed and save mankind from this latest onslaught?






More chapters coming soon!


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