Godzilla vs. Hedorah: The Unofficial Novelization

Godzilla Title #11


The year is 1971.

The nation of Japan faces a major ecological crisis in the form of rampant pollution. Toxic smog fills the air, and the refuse of humanity has transformed sparkling waterways into slimy, sludge-filled cesspools of death and decay. And within this percolating broth of ooze and waste, a new and terrifying force is gestating, growing in power and readying itself to strike…

Following the discovery of a bizarre, tadpole-like creature living in the polluted waters off the coast of Japan, a series of shipping disasters preface the emergence of a horrifying lifeform the likes of which the world has never seen. The rapidly-evolving creature soon takes to land, and then to the sky, inhaling the smog from factory smokestacks and producing an acidic mist that burns the skin from the bodies of anyone unfortunate enough to stand in the monster’s way. The pollution-spawned beast is dubbed Hedorah, and it seems that nothing can stop it from reducing Japan to a toxic wasteland.

Nothing, that is, except Godzilla.

Angered by the environmental damage done to his ocean home and intent on cleansing the Earth of manmade contaminants, the Monster King’s crusade against pollution leads him, inevitably, to the oozing feet of Hedorah. As the slimy creature continues to evolve and grow in its power, the two beasts clash in an epic confrontation that will prove to be the most brutal fight of Godzilla’s life. In the face of such incredible – and repulsive – opposition, can Godzilla succeed?

Or will the King fall to the incredible power of the mighty Smog Monster?










More Chapters Coming Soon!


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