Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla: The Unofficial Novelization


Godzilla Title #14



The year is 1974.

The nation of Japan is about to encounter a force unlike any it has ever faced, as mysticism and technology are set to collide and usher in a conflict that will put the Earth, and its monstrous defenders, to the ultimate test…

A series of bizarre phenomena begin to occur around Japan, with each event correlating to a terrifying prophesy passed down through the generations of Okinawa’s royal Azumi clan. First, a black mountain appears above the clouds, ushering in the appearance of a monster that will bring the world to its knees. However, the people of Japan are shocked when this doomsday beast reveals itself to be Godzilla, who it seems has reverted to his destructive ways. But not everything is as it seems, as a second Godzilla soon emerges to battle the first.

The shocking truth is soon revealed: one of these beasts is an imposter, a mechanical marvel built in the image of the Monster King by an extraterrestrial invasion force with its eyes set firmly on Earth. With mankind once again on the brink of extinction, and the true Godzilla thoroughly outgunned by its robotic doppelgänger, it will fall to an intrepid reporter, an inquisitive archeologist, an Azumi Princess, and a mysterious stalker with uncertain intentions to see that the rest of the prophesy is fulfilled, and that the key to awakening an ancient guardian beast is kept from the clutches of the enemy.

Will they solve the riddle of the Azumi prophesy in time to save the world? And even if they do, can anything hope to stand against the incredible firepower of the “Mechagodzilla”?




More chapters coming soon!




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