The Anime Timeline


Welcome to the Anime Timeline.  Here, you will find a chronological listing for all the major events seen in Toho’s “Anime Godzilla Universe”.  Information from this timeline has been pulled from the 2017 feature film Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, it’s 2018 sequels Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle and Godzilla: The Planet Eater, the prequel novels Godzilla: Monster Apocalypse and Godzilla: Project: Mechagodzilla, and promotional material released by Toho for the theatrical releases of Planet of the Monsters, City on the Edge of Battle, and The Planet Eater.

A huge thanks goes out to the Godzilla fan community, especially the hard working folks at WikiZilla, who’s own translations of the prequel novels proved to be invaluable cross-references with my own translations/research.

(NOTE: This timeline is still very much a work in progress.  Currently, the only material present below pertains to the “prequel” events that lead up to the beginning of Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters.  Additions pertaining to the events seen in the actual film – as well as those of the two sequels – are currently being compiled and are coming soon.  Until then, enjoy!)


Part 1: The Monster Apocalypse



  • May 4

    • The world is stunned by the appearance of a gigantic monster that emerges from New York Harbor to lay waste to Manhattan. The gigantic praying mantis, dubbed “Kamacuras”, consumes and destroys everything in its path, while Juvenile Kamacuras appear in the subway systems of Manhattan, attacking civilians.
  • May 7

    • 72 hours after first appearing, Kamacuras is eventually defeated by a bunker buster bombing attack outside of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 2.5 million casualties are left in its wake.
    • The creature becomes the first in a class of creatures dubbed “Kaiju”, and it is theorized that the monster was a mutant, created by unknown environmental factors that altered its genes.
    • A bizarre micro-organism is discovered in a mine in Hebei, China. The organisms are observed to consume chemical waste in water, and become a subject of study for the next 3 years in the hopes of producing a bio-weapon.


  • September

    • The Russian space station MIR witnesses a monster making its way to Earth.
    • Europe is besieged by a second giant monster, this time a jellyfish-like flying mutation dubbed “Dogora”. The creature consumes coal deposits and thermal energy, destroying buildings across various European countries before the United Kingdom is successful in killing it with a release of hornet venom – harvested from the Japanese Giant Hornet – into the atmosphere from chemical plants in Manchester. An estimated 3.9 million people are killed or injured.
    • Two days after Dogora’s defeat, a gigantic turtle dubbed “Kamoebas” appears in the Philippines.
    • Before the end of the month, a second Komoabas (Kamoebas II) appears in Guam.


  • November

    • Two new monsters – the flying creature Rodan and the spiky dinosaurian Anguirus – appear (the former from Paektu Mountain, and the latter from Siberia). The beasts converge on and lay waste to Beijing. They are ultimately killed by an experimental bio-weapon created by scientists in China (codename: HEDORAH).
    • Shortly after defeating Rodan and Anguirus, the HEDORAH bio-weapon begins to go berserk, with the Chinese government ultimately losing control of the weapon as it begins to consume pollutants at an alarming rate.
    • The HEDORAH destroys Beijing and Tianjin before disappearing, its fate unknown.
    • The area in and surrounding Dongbei is contaminated from exposure to the HEDORAH. In the aftermath of the three monsters’ respective attacks, 8.2 million people are killed or injured.


  • Between January and December

    • A second Anguirus (dubbed Anguirus II) appears in South Africa.

Between 2010 and 2014

  • Two giant lobster-like kaiju, dubbed Ebirah I and Ebirah II, appear in the Atlantic Ocean.


  • February

    • A 10 meter tall kaiju dubbed “Gabara” is discovered by a man named Alberto Ichiro Santos in the Amazon Rainforest. The beast slaughters wildlife for a time before a thermite explosion injures it, leading to its eventual death when it falls into a river and is consumed by crocodiles and piranhas.
  • Between February and December

    • A gigantic insect dubbed “Megalon” appears in Africa, laying waste to several west coastal nations before disappearing for an entire decade.

Between 2013 and 2015

  • Refugees from Africa, which had been devastated by Anguirus II and Megalon, begin sailing for Europe.

The Mid to Late 2010’s

  • The giant cuttlefish Gezora appears in the Mediterranean Sea, destroying ships and hindering refugee movement from Africa into Europe.


  • The USS Saratoga is successful in killing a third Ebirah (Ebirah III) in the Pacific Ocean.


  • November

    • The US nuclear submarine Seawolf makes contact with a sea monster dubbed “Dagahra” in the South Pacific.
  • Early December

    • Two weeks after first contact, the US Navy, including the USS Saratoga, encounters Dagahra in the waters surrounding American Samoa, engaging and ultimately wounding the beast. However, their pursuit is ended when Dagahra releases a swarm of tiny, starfish-like creatures called Barem from his body.
    • Three days later, the Barem swarm arrives at the port at Pago Pago, killing 1/3rd of its inhabitants due to the deadly bacteria they carry.
  • December 25

    • Australia is besieged by Dagahra when the Austrailan military, fearing the repercussions of releasing Barem into the water surrounding the country, do not attack him immediately. After the destruction of Sydney and Newcastle, the panicking government authorizes a military strike. Dagahra is ultimately fatally wounded before retreating to the sea. 6.7 million people are killed.
    • Before dying, Dagahra releases tens of thousands of Barem into the sea, creating a massive ecological disaster as the voracious monsters smother coral reefs and kill marine life on a massive scale from Australia to the Eastern Sea.


  • The effects of the Barem plague released by the dying Dagahra has created a pandemic and mass famine. Known as the “Red Christmas Scourge”, the pandemic claims the lives of 3 million people.
  • As a result of the pandemic and lack of foreign aid, Australia’s government collapses.

Between 2020 and 2030

  • The Pacific Ocean is terrorized by the Giant Octopus, whose deadly tentacles sink countless ships over the course of a full decade.
  • A giant crab dubbed “Ganimes” appears to terrorize crab fishing ships in the Bearing Sea.
  • A third Kamoebas (Kamoebas III) appears.
  • A third Anguirus (Anguirus III), along with two more kaiju – the subterranean Baragon and the gliding Varan – appear. All three are eventually defeated.


  • June

    • Cairo falls under siege from the attack of a swarm of flying, mammalian monsters known as the “Griffins”. Ultimately, the swarm is defeated before it can continue to reproduce and spread across Africa, but enough survive that their numbers eventually grow again.


  • Between January and April

    • Megalon returns and destroys South Africa. The continent’s population is cut in half, with an estimated 300 million to 400 million people fleeing to seek shelter in Europe and the Middle East.
  • May 11

    • A beast known as Orga appears and terrorizes Turkey, destroying one of the largest African refugee camps in the country. Orga would level Izmir and Ankara before ultimately being defeated in a delayed military strike. 1.5 million people are killed or injured, excluding the death toll for the refugees, which is estimated to exceed 10 million.
  • Between June and December

    • A colossal sea serpent known as Manda appears in the Atlantic Ocean, intent on destroying ships that sail too close to his watery lair. Manda’s reign of terror would continue for 17 years.


  • A gigantic walrus known as Maguma appeared in North Korea, destroying the nation before moving to South Korea. However, the beast is killed outside Seoul by a tactical nuke strike by the US. Maguma’s death marks the first use of nuclear weapons against kaiju.


  • A second Rodan (Rodan II) appears and destroys Kyushu, Japan.
  • Megalon returns once again, this time razing the irradiated remnants of India and Pakistan. The immense insect then moves on to the Philippines and then to Japan, where it breaks through the Japanese/American defense line to come ashore at Blue Beach in Okinawa. To the surprise of the population, a second monster – a gigantic guardian beast known to the islanders as King Caesar – appears from Cape Manzamo and engages Megalon in a brutal fight. In the end, Megalon is killed, and King Caesar returns to his slumber, leaving Okinawa safe.


  • Between January and April

    • The number of shipping disasters in the Pacific Ocean rises dramatically, exceeding the number of ships usually sunk by the Giant Octopus.
  • May 29

    • The eviscerated carcass of a fourth Kamoebas (Kamoebas IV) washes ashore on the beach of Odo Island, its body bearing signs of a titanic struggle against an as yet unidentified monster of gigantic proportions and unbelievable strength. A Japanese scientist named Kohei Yamane gives this unidentified beast the name “Godzilla”, after the folkloric dragon venerated on the island.
  • Between August and December

    • The new, all-powerful kaiju “Godzilla” appears on the west coast of the United States, alongside three more monsters: Anguirus IV, Baragon II, and Varan II. After destroying the three helpless kaiju, Godzilla turns on humanity, completely destroying everything from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The beast’s deadly attack kills or injures 8.7 million people.
    • Following Godzilla’s attack on the USA’s west coast, the total human population of the Earth officially falls to 2.3 billion, or 56% of its Pre-Kaiju population numbers.


  • December

    • Godzilla returns from the sea to raze the west coast of America, destroying Seattle and Colorado Springs, easily crushing any military opposition.
    • In a desperate move, the US military attempts to halt Godzilla’s rampage with the launch of 150 nuclear warheads in Indianapolis, unleashing nearly 40 megatons of destructive power on the monster. The devastating attack has no effect, and Godzilla disappears into the Gulf of Mexico.
    • In the wake of Godzilla’s second attack, the giant spider Kumonga and a horde of Kamacuras appear across the United States, causing massive destruction.


  • Godzilla returns again, this time coming ashore in Europe and wiping multiple countries from the face of the Earth. The European Union Allied Forces launch an all-out attack on the “Monster King”, but are unsuccessful in slowing his assault. After the fall of Paris, what remains of the European population is evacuated and the land abandoned. 6 million people are killed.
  • Godzilla disappears into the Arctic Ocean, and is not seen again for 3 years.
  • Following the fall of Europe, the total human population falls to 2 billion, or 30% of its Pre-Kaiju numbers.


  • A race of extraterrestrials known as the Exif appear on Earth, their fleet of spacecraft hovering over New York City. The race broadcasts a message to the people of the Earth, proclaiming the superiority of their religious race and announcing their hope to convert humanity to their spiritual ways, lest a dark destiny – in which mankind will fall to Godzilla – be fulfilled.


  • A second race of extraterrestrials, the Bilusaludo, arrive over London. A race of high scientific intelligence, the Bilusaludo request the right to emigrate to Earth from their now dead planet: Bilusaludia, the third in their distant binary solar system which was swallowed by a black hole. In exchange for allowing this emigration, the Bilusaludo promise to lend their scientific assistance to Earth in their quest to defend themselves from Godzilla and his fellow kaiju.
  • The giant insect Megaguirus, along with flocks of Rodans, appear in Sibera, and begin to feed on fleeing refugees.

The Late 2030’s

  • More Rodans appear, destroying Rome and claiming the Italian Peninsula as their territory.


  • Between January and July

    • Godzilla is reported to have briefly returned to Europe, but the creature vanishes into the sea off the coast of France before its identity is confirmed.
  • August

    • A gigantic larval creature known as Battra emerges from its slumber in South America, intent on seeking out and destroying a massive meteor heading toward the Earth. Dubbed “Gorath”, the massive object is estimated to be 30 kilometers across, and will no doubt spell doom for the remainder of the human race.
    • Emerging for the first time in 3 years, Godzilla intercepts Battra, engaging the gigantic larva in two battles, the second of which ends in Battra’s death. Its foe defeated, Godzilla once again disappears into the Arctic Ocean.
    • A severed dorsal plate belonging to Godzilla is found washed ashore in Rio de Janeiro, South America. The object is transported to the United Nations Anti-Godzilla Biological Protection facility in Antarctica.
    • After careful study, Godzilla researcher Dr. Tokumitsu Uhara and his superior, Abraham Kirshner, discover Battra’s cells attached to the broken plate. Further analysis reveals that the DNA in Battra’s cells is similar to that of moths, leading the beast to be codenamed “Monster M”.
    • The United Earth begins a desperate worldwide search for Battra, believing the monster to be a potential ally in their quest to kill Godzilla.  Their search is ultimately unsuccessful.
    • As his work with G-Cells continues, Dr. Uhara begins to fear the repercussions of unlocking their secrets. Fearful that Dr. Kirshner might be plotting to clone Godzilla, Uhara is sure to warn his Bilusaludo allies that weaponizing the cells is highly dangerous.


  • Amateur astronomers in Japan finally discover the approaching Gorath. However, an over confident world government believes the celestial object to be of little concern, instead focusing their attention on reclaiming Europe and fighting off the monsters that continue to appear across the world.


  • Between January and September

    • The “United Earth” is formed, uniting humanity, the Exif, and the Bilusaludo races in a joint attempt to wipe the Earth clean of the kaiju menace. Alien technology is used in the creation of advanced weapons and vehicles designed to fight and defeat monsters across the globe.
    • Mechanized combat suits (including the Type-38 Mobile Combat Uniform codenamed “Jaguar J”), the fighting machine G-HED, and the bio-weapon known as Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria (ANEB) are developed using Bilusaludo technology, along with a fleet of flying warships (dubbed the Goten, Shinten, and Kyoten), the smaller flying vehicles Super-X and Super-X2, the missile-equipped submarine Satsuma, and the giant underground combat vehicle MOGUERA.
    • The G-Force is founded, and begins “Operation: Eternal Light”, an initiative to take back control of the Atlantic Ocean from the monsters that dwelled there.
    • As part of “Operation: Eternal Light”, the super-submarine Goten is successful in destroying the sea serpent Manda in the Strait of Dover.
    • Following Manda’s defeat, Gezora is finally defeated, allowing mankind to reclaim the Mediterranean Sea.
    • G-FORCE, busy with “Operation: Eternal Light”, is surprised by the appearance of the plant-like monster Biollante, who appears off the coast of Normandy. After a prolonged fight, she is defeated by the G-FORCE mech MOGUERA when the machine succeeds in burrowing into and destroying her heart-like core.
  • October

    • The French military claims they have killed Godzilla, but in reality, the monster brought down in Rouen, France, is an entirely new species. Dubbed “Zilla”, the beast is soon discovered to have asexually produced countless eggs, each of which hatch ferocious infants capable of rapidly growing and producing more eggs.
    • A massive swarm of Zillas begin to overrun what’s left of Europe, using their incredible fertility to their advantage.
    • A gigantic theropod dinosaur known as Gorosaurus appears in Paris.
  • December

    • G-Force is finally successful in exterminating the Zilla swarm, exploiting the creature’s frail bodies and wiping out the species.
    • G-Force kills Gorosaurus in Paris.


  • A Japanese scientist named Dr. Tajiri reveals that the approaching Gorath is a much larger threat than initially thought. Projecting a collision with the Earth in 2042, Tajiri notes the irregular behavior of the meteor, and believes the object to be on a guided trajectory. This leads many to hypothesize that Gorath might be – or contain – a space monster.


  • The United Earth realizes that they are powerless to stop Gorath from hitting the Earth, deeming its threat to humanity greater than the monsters. Plans are quickly made to begin an evacuation of mankind from the planet, with the Moon and Mars targeted as likely colonies.


  • Godzilla emerges for the first time in 5 years, rising from the Antarctic ice and channeling his stored up energy into a massive, crimson-hued blast of his Atomic Ray. The incredibly powerful attack punches through the atmosphere and completely obliterates the approaching Gorath.
  • After witnessing this showcase of Godzilla’s power, a stunned United Earth quickly abandons plans for moving the remainder of Earth’s population to the Moon and Mars. Fearful of Godzilla’s rays reaching the nearby worlds, the decision is made to instead focus on moving mankind out of the solar system entirely.
  • The headquarters of the World Government is moved to a secred location in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • The Government begins construction of two massive interstellar spacecraft dubbed the Oratio and the Aratrum.

Late 2042

  • A rumor begins to spread that a second Godzilla had been slain by a powerful chemical weapon off the coast of France back in 2037. According to this rumor, the weapon’s designer, a reclusive scientist named Serizawa, used a chemical dubbed the “Oxygen Destroyer” to not only kill Godzilla, but himself. Believing war between humanity, the Exif, and the Bilusaludo was inevitable following the defeat of all the monsters, Serizawa supposedly elected to destroy his research and end his own life, thus preventing his weapon from being used in such an interplanetary conflict.

Between 2042 and 2044

  • Godzilla continues his reign of terror, causing an estimated 300 million human deaths over 8 separate appearances across the US east coast, Northern Africa, and Eurasia.  The NAVY’s “Operation: Renaissance” is ended when the entire fleet is destroyed by the monster. Following this, Godzilla destroys the United Earth’s capital in New York City in a single night, reducing the city’s Ground Zero Markalite Cannons (built at the site of the World Trade Center tragedy) to scrap metal. An attempt by the Bilusaludo to destroy Godzilla by self-destructing their atomic powered mothership (in a plan dubbed “Operation: Prometheus”) also fails, leveling Cleveland in the process.
  • The Earth’s population plunges to a mere 1.2 billion people.
  • In the wake of this devastation, the United Earth approves funding for a top secret project codenamed “Mechagodzilla”.


  • The United Earth reveals the existence of Project: Mechagodzilla to mankind via four propaganda films produced using traditional “man-in-suit” techniques to show a giant robotic Godzilla – built by human and Bilusaludo scientists – fighting the living Godzilla as humanity’s last hope.
  • The United Earth begins preparations for “Operation: Great Wall”, a mission to barrage the Himalayan Mountains with 2,000 nuclear warheads in the hope of opening a fault and trapping Godzilla underground. During preparations for the operation, a third Baragon (Baragon III) is accidently released and ultimately defeated.


  • The vast majority of Bilusaludo scientists journey to Japan to oversee the planning and construction of Mechagodzilla, leaving the United Earth low on manpower and unable to repair damaged Bilusaludian technology.
  • To buy time for both “Operation: Great Wall” and Project: Mechagodzilla, “Operation: Long March” – a plan to keep Godzilla from returning to the sea where tracking him would become more difficult – is begun in northern Africa. However, the severely depleted United Earth forces – which now includes child labor – face threats from the various kaiju that have overrun the continent, including swarms of Griffins, Rodans, Meganula, Giant Rats, smaller Kumonga and Kamacuras’, and a Giant Condor.
  • “Operation: LTF” (short for “Let Them Fight”) is also put into effect. Based on the Ogasawara Islands, the operation seeks methods to control monsters, thereby keeping them away from mankind while also using them as weapons to fight Godzilla.
  • The first act of “Operation: LTF” is to unleash two Titanosaurus’ – aquatic beasts discovered in the Pacific Ocean – against Godzilla. Both beasts are killed by the King of the Monsters.
  • The United Earth discovers a new kaiju hibernating in the ocean off the coast of Siberia. Dubbed “Gigan”, the bird-like reptilian beast is transported to Africa and inducted into “Operation: LTF”. Using a combination of human and Bilusaludo technology, Gigan is successfully controlled and sent into battle against Godzilla in Suez, Egypt. After a brutal three day confrontation, Gigan is defeated when both of his arms are blasted from his body. However, the operation is considered a success, as the battle finally pushes Godzilla from Africa into Eurasia, closer to the site of “Operation: Great Wall”.
  • Following Gigan’s defeat, he is retrieved and augmented with mechanical components to enable him to return to battle. The monster’s arms are replaced with metal sickles, and humanity soon sends the now cybernetic Gigan back to the frontlines to face Godzilla. However, further skirmishes with the Monster King in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and China further maim Gigan, necessitating the further augmentation of his body with human and Bilusaludo technology. As “Operation: Long March” continues, Gigan is upgraded with an infrared visor (replacing his damaged eyes), retractable chainsaws, arm-based homing missile launchers, and blade launchers originally constructed as prototypes for the still under construction Mechagodzilla.
  • As “Operation: Long March” continues through the year, Gigan becomes a trusted – and even revered – ally to the United Earth forces. Many personnel credit the monster with saving their lives, and the lives of countless other soldiers that would otherwise have been lost to Godzilla.
  • During a battle between Gigan and Godzilla in Yarkant, China, Gigan suffers a horrific defeat when his head, wings, and sickle arms are crushed, leaving the monster barely clinging to life. Disobeying direct orders to retreat, a group of United Earth soldiers rush into battle to protect their fallen ally, buying time for a Bilusaludo ship to arrive and remove the damaged monster.


  • In the wake of Gigan’s latest defeat, Bilusaludian scientists inject the crippled creature with an experimental substance dubbed “nano-metal”, hoping that the amorphous material (currently being used in the construction of the “Mechagodzilla”) will allow Gigan to regenerate his body at will.
  • Gigan is deployed in Hoten, China, to once again confront Godzilla. With nano-metal allowing him to regenerate destroyed body parts, Gigan holds his own until a powerful atomic blast from Godzilla succeeds in completely obliterating the creature’s body.
  • Following the death of Gigan, United Earth medical officer Michael M. Hunter succeeds in locating one of the beast’s scales. Hunter vows to return the scale to Siberia – the land in which Gigan was first found – to honor and commemorate the monster’s service and sacrifice for humanity.
  • With Godzilla finally in China, the final stages of “Operation: Great Wall” are enacted. During these final preparations, yet more kaiju emerge to impede humanity’s progress. Larval Meganulon pray on soldiers while yet more Rodans decend from the sky to feed on both larvae and human alike. A second Gorosaurus (Gorosaurus II) burrows its way to the surface, and a second Manda (Manda II) appears in the Persian Gulf. Despite the setbacks, the United Earth continues to prepare for Godzilla’s coming.
  • “Operation: Great Wall” is finally put into effect as the Himalayan Mountains are bombarded with 2,000 nuclear warheads. The plan appears successful, as Godzilla is effectively entombed under millions of tons of rock.


  • January

    • While trapped, Godzilla is far from defeated. The beast feeds upon molten magma and begins to swim through an underground lava flow, triggering a volcanic explosion (in an area codenamed “G-Crater”) that destroys surrounding United Earth forces.  Using his powerful Atomic Ray, Godzilla emerges from the earth, freeing himself from mankind’s last ditch attempt to stop him.
    • Godzilla marches on India, breaking through the defense line and causing 200 million casualties. Godzilla then disappears into the Bay of Bengal.
    • Humanity and Bilusaludo scientists continue construction on the “Mechagodzilla”. Constructed underground in a base in Hamamatsu, Japan, it is hoped that this titanic machine, constructed of the Bilusaludo’s amorphous alien “nano-metal”, will finally rid the Earth of Godzilla forever.
  • March

    • Godzilla arrives in Hamamatsu, Japan, and engages in a climactic final battle with the United Earth. A mysterious malfunction causes Mechagodzilla to remain off-line, and when Godzilla proves triumphant over humanity, both the base and Mechagodzilla are abandoned before the machine can be activated.
    • Godzilla ends humanity’s final hope by obliterating the United Earth base containing Mechagodzilla. The beast then moves on to Tokyo, wiping the city completely off the map in less than three hours.
    • In the wake of this crushing defeat, the United Earth begins final preparations for its Interstellar Emigration Plan, which will seek to remove the remnants of humanity from the solar system aboard the currently under construction Oratio and Aratrum space crafts.
  • Between January and December

    • Haruo Sakaki, future Aratrum Captain and figurehead of the Earth Returnist group, is born to parents Akira and Haruka Sakaki.


  • December

    • The abandoned Hedorah Research Facility in North America becomes the HQ of a group of researchers, led by a Dr. Ijuin, who hope to devise a chemical weapon to kill Godzilla. They use as their basis a rumor – originating in 2042 – that a second Godzilla had, in fact, been slain by such a chemical weapon off the coast of France back in 2037. Inspired by the supposed sacrifice of Dr. Serizawa and his “Oxygen Destroyer”, Ijuin and his team begin experimenting on a colony of micro-organisms discovered in Tokyo Bay. Dubbed “J-M07”, the creatures are believed to be connected to the secrets of the Oxygen Destroyer.
    • As the study of the J-M07 micro-organism colony continues, the tiny creatures begin to evolve abnormally, combining into increasingly larger creatures until a man-sized aggregate monster is formed. Due to its resemblance to crabs and other crustaceans, the monster is initially theorized to be related to Ganimes.
    • The human-sized aggregate J-M07 escapes containment, quickly wiping out the entirety of the facility’s staff, save for one man: Kane Hilter.
    • Locking himself in a safe room within the destroyed lab, Kane Hilter writes an email to United Earth scientist Akira Sakaki, revealing the fate of the project. In addition, Hilter admits that he fabricated the story of Serizawa and the Oxygen Destroyer back in 2042, hoping to bring hope to the remnants of humanity that Godzilla’s defeat might be possible. Following the sending of the email, J-M07 succeeds in melting the metal door to the safe room, and the last communication with the facility is terminated. The ultimate fate of the aggregate creature is unknown.


  • January

    • The United Earth makes the decision to abandon the Earth to Godzilla. Using an artificial intelligence known as Omni Electio, 15,000 of the 700 million humans remaining on the planet are selected to board the recently completed emigration space crafts, the Oratio and the Aratrum, and retreat into deep space.
    • Following the selection process, the Oratio is successfully launched.
  • March 11th

    • Godzilla makes landfall in Rio de Janeiro, destroying the JSS3 spaceport.
  • March 13th

    • Breaking through the United Earth defense line, Godzilla heads for the Aratrum. The beast is delayed by a nuclear attack, giving the Aratrum just enough time to launch into orbit.
    • During the launching of several large Landing Ships that transport selected humans to the orbiting Aratrum space craft, Godzilla appears and destroys a departing ship, causing it to fall and explode upon impact with the ground. The blast of fire destroys a caravan of busses heading to a second Landing Ship, one them containing Akira and Haruka Sakaki. Their supposed death is witnessed by their two-year-old son Haruo, who sees Godzilla let loose a mighty roar before closing his eyes and continuing to run to the ship that will take him away from the Earth.
  • March 14th

    • The Oratio and the Aratrum are fully loaded with the selected humans, and the ships finally depart, leaving the Earth – and Godzilla, its new ruler – behind.
    • The Oratio carries 10,000 passengers to Kepler 452, while the Aratrum carries 5,000 passengers – including young Haruo Sakaki, now under the care of Daichi Tani – to the closer Tau Ceti E.
  • Between April and June

    • The remnants of the United Earth are seized by a radical group who call themselves the “Total Attack Faction”. The group begin bombarding Godzilla with nuclear weapons, destroying the South American cities of Salvador and Sao Paulo. They are finally stopped when the Goten destroys their base in the Falkland Islands.
    • The human population of the planet Earth plummets to less than 200 million.
    • Godzilla continues his way across South America, destroying Ecuador and Peru.
  • July 31st

    • Godzilla arrives in Buenaventura, Columbia, to destroy the third and final capital of the United Earth. However, the remnants of humanity are stunned to witness the arrival of a new monster: a huge, butterfly-like being known as Mothra. The beautiful creature succeeds in repelling Godzilla by deflecting its atomic breath with shimmering scales. Godzilla – now missing a spine as a result of the conflict – retreats for the first time, but not before injuring Mothra.
  • Early August

    • The remnants of the United Earth – including Akira and Haruka Sakaki, who survived their encounter with Godzilla – receive a visit from a group of indigenous people from the Amazon Rainforest, who call themselves “The People of Mothra”.   They claim to control two giant, guardian monsters who have the combined power to defeat Godzilla, one of which is Mothra. However, the second of these monsters, Battra, had already been slain by Godzilla after awakening to destroy ‘Gorath”, an asteroid that would have spelled sure doom for the planet.
    • In light of the discovery of Mothra and her people, an older Alberto Ichiro Santos forms the Monster Coexistence Sect (or “COSMOS”), which aims to embrace the ways of Mothra’s worshipers and join together to protect the giant insect.
    • As its first act, COSMOS proposes “Operation: Cradle” to the remnants of the United Earth. The operation will seek to move Mothra’s two eggs from South America to Japan where it could be preserved, ensuring that a future Mothra could one day be born to defend humanity.
    • Under the supervision of Akira Sakaki, “Operation: Cradle” is put into effect. Mothra deposits her eggs on the USS Saratoga, and the United Earth remnants begin their journey to Japan.
  • August 15th

    • As the USS Saratoga sails across the Pacific Ocean towards Japan, Godzilla emerges to destroy the eggs. The adult Mothra engages in one final confrontation with the King of the Monsters, sacrificing herself to allow the eggs to be brought to safety.
  • Between September and December

    • Mothra’s eggs are successfully delivered to Japan.
  • Between 2049 and 2070 (Relative Time)

    • In the coming centuries, Godzilla would continue its reign of terror, eliminating much of the remaining human population and slaughtering any other kaiju it encountered. Godzilla soon becomes the undisputed ruler of the Earth.
    • As thousands of years pass, Godzilla’s influence over the planet grows. The monster’s already plant-like cells spread across the Earth, causing massive forests to sprout that contain the essence of Godzilla in their cells. The atmosphere of the Earth becomes heavy in particulates released by these plants, and the forests soon begin to support life in the form of the Servum: a race of insect-like reptilian creatures spawned from Godzilla’s cells. Godzilla’s highly adaptable cells soon come to fill a myriad of ecological niches, even birthing at least one additional, fully developed Godzilla that would come to be known as the “Godzilla Filius”. As time passes, Godzilla himself continues to evolve, slowly growing in size and strength until his towering frame reaches an incredible 300 meters in height.
    • As Godzilla continues to grow and reign, the remnants of Mechagodzilla begin reacting to the environment around its destroyed base. Its nano-metal body begins to break down, gradually spreading and forming structures that resemble the base that once surrounded it. As it grows, it begins to enact its original mission to seek out and destroy Godzilla by attacking anything containing Godzilla’s genetic structure, including the colonies of Servum that begin to appear in Japan.
    • Meanwhile, the remnants of humanity continue to live and evolve. In Japan, a small tribe known as the Houtua emerge to continue the task of protecting Mothra’s one remaining egg. The still unborn offspring of Mothra telepathically communicates with the Houtua through chosen emissaries, who are revered as priests or priestesses within the Houtua community. By incorporating Mothra’s cells into their own, the Houtua gradually become immune to the influence of Godzilla’s own cells on the Earth’s environment, as well as the encroaching nano-metal from the nearby Mechagodzilla base, which Houtua warriors begin using in the construction of cruse spears, arrows, and other weapons.
    • In deep space, the Aratrum continues on its way to Tau Ceti E (the time on Earth passing far more rapidly due to accelerated time dilation) as conditions on the ship grow more and more dire. Food, water, and even oxygen become precious resources, and the hardships of starvation, isolation, hopelessness, and disease begin to take a toll on the passengers. Within two decades of travel, the number of passengers plummets from 15,000 to a mere 4,000.
    • Haruo Sakaki, fueled by the rage of losing his parents and his planet to Godzilla, rises through the ranks of the ship’s crew to become a Captain, all the while studying surviving – and often forbidden – data on Godzilla in a desperate attempt to find the monster’s weakness. Haruo secretly begins an underground movement on the Aratrum to build support for the ship’s return to Earth. Calling themselves the Earth Returnists, the members of the movement include several high ranking officers, including Exif Priest and friend of Haruo’s, Metphies.
    • As conditions on the ship worsen and the Earth Returnist movement gains ground through periodic information leaks engineered by Metphies and Haruo, the Exif and Bilusaludo members of the crew observe the situation, their intentions unclear.
    • As time passes, Haruo begins to form the basis of a strategy that he believes would not only defeat Godzilla, but kill him.




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