Greetings, readers!

It is with great excitement that I announce the GNP’s newest project… a novella in two parts (Part 1 of which is available now!) chronicling the attack of Godzilla upon Tokyo… as related by United World News’ brightest reporter…

Its Godzilla, King of the Monsters! – The Steve Martin Report!

This is a little (okay, not so little) project that I have wanted to do for a LONG time, and I’m super excited to finally get the first half completed!  Essentially, The Steve Martin Report is a first-person recounting of the events of Terry Morse’s 1956 “Americanization” of the original Godzilla, told in the form of a written report by the character of Martin, as played so memorably by the late, great Raymond Burr.  The novella is presented as a sort of “in-universe artifact”, a final word report prepared by Steve for his boss in Chicago.

In crafting this retelling of a classic tale, I had the wonderful opportunity to both include Burr’s memorable narration dialogue from the film, and work around and in-between that dialogue, filling in the gaps to create a complete recounting of the events of the film from Steve Martin’s point of view.  Blending my dialogue with the actual script was a fun challenge, and I hope I’ve done that original script – and Mr. Burr – justice with this novella.

Part 2 is nearly completed, so stay tuned for the rest of The Steve Martin Report soon!  Until then, follow the link above to begin the report!

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