Greetings, G-Fans!

Ah, March 17th. Green beverages are being chugged, insultingly phony Irish accents abound… and meanwhile, Godzilla fans everywhere are cheering their hero on as he pummels the daylights out of a giant cockroach.

1973’s Godzilla vs. Megalon, the delightfully insane and rightfully beloved film that thrilled a generation of baby boomers and went on to become the most widely seen Godzilla film of the entire franchise, turns 45 years old today. And to celebrate, I have completed and published the Prologue to the GNP’s novelization of the movie! Consider it a birthday present to a film I have loved since childhood… and one heck of a funny MST3K episode, of course.

More chapters are coming, but until then, check out the Prologue here!

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