Hey there, G-Fans!  I’m excited to announce that the GNP’s long dormant “Timeline” page is finally starting to take shape, with the first addition being the first part of the “Anime Timeline”.

The Timeline page here on the website has been sitting empty since the project launched, and now I’m finally getting around to creating content for it! Essentially, the Timeline page will be a portal to multiple timelines that will chronicle major events in each era’s specific universe. These events will range from real-world happenings that have influenced the Godzilla stories (the extinction of the dinosaurs, the atomic bombings of Japan, etc.) to the events from the films themselves (monster attacks, character’s deaths, alien invasions… you get the drift!).

To start things off, I have begun with the most recently created Godzilla universe: Toho’s still ongoing “Anime” series that, by the end of the year, will be comprised of a trilogy of animated feature films. Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters is, of course, already available to watch on Netflix, and it’s sequel, Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle, is less than a month away from its theatrical release! The universe that Toho has created for this anime series is INSANE, to say the least. It’s also incredibly awesome, positing a world where decades of unending kaiju attacks have brought humanity to its knees. Countless classic Toho creatures, fleets of familiar ships, mechs, and robots, two alien races, and absolutely NO subtlety…

And all that happens BEFORE Planet of the Monsters even starts!

So, what better way to launch the GNP’s Timeline project than to tackle this crazy series of events?

So far, the Anime Timeline on the site includes only this “prequel” information, from the appearance of Kamacuras in 1999 to the launching of the Aratrum in 2048. Additions pertaining to the events seen in the actual films are coming soon.

Until then, follow this link to read the beginings of the Anime Godzilla Timeline! And stay tuned for more updates soon!

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