Update #22 (7/28/18): New Content For the Sony Timeline!

Howdy, Godzilla lovers!

It’s been a hectic few weeks at GNP Headquarters, but work is finally begining to pick up steam once again!  I’m pleased to announce that the GNP’s “Sony Godzilla Timeline” has been updated with all new information and events!  This latest batch of content come from Godzilla: The Series‘ fifth episode, “The Winter of our Discontent”, in which billionaire tech guru Cameron Winter attempts to take control of Godzilla and pave the way for new mutation-based weaponry.  It’s a fantastic episode, and provided a ton of new info for the Timeline!  For example, did you know that Randy was booted from Empire State Tech for hacking the school’s computers, and that his school troubles ultimately led to Nick hiring him as his assistant?  Check out the newly updated Sony Timeline to see all the newly added details!

In addition, the Sony Timeline page has been divided into 3 parts for easier navigation.  The length of the page was making it hard to easily find specific events, and the divides are the begining of a few design improvements that will hopefully make the timelines more easily readable!

Thanks for reading, and check back soon for more announcements!

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