Update #23 (8/8/18): Kaijuvision Radio Interview is Live!!

Greetings, readers!

During my wonderful weekend at last month’s G-FEST XXV in Chicago, I met up with kaiju enthusiasts/historians/hosts of Kaijuvision Radio Brian Scherschel and Nate Marchand for an in-depth interview on the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT.  It was a surreal thrill to be asked to appear as a guest on their podcast (a show I listen to often and use as research for the GNP), and a wonderful time was had by all!  Brian and Nate prepared a series of awesome questions for me to answer, and OH BOY did I answer them!  I don’t think my mouth closed for the entire duration of the interview, which clocks in at nearly two hours in length!  During that time we discussed my writing process and inspiration, my history of loving Godzilla, my goals for the project, the challenges and rewards of taking on such a massive endeavor, and our mutual love of kaiju history, MST3K, and Sean Connery impressions.  In short, it was a BLAST.

To Nate and Brian, I offer my most sincere thanks.  This interview represents the largest exposure the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT has yet received, and your vote of confidence in me and my writing is truly humbling beyond words.  You guys rock.

So, without further ado, follow this link to the KaijuVision website and check out the interview!  (And while you’re there, be sure to check out Brian and Nate’s backlog of excellently researched episodes, each of which analyzes the historical and cultural value/significance of a different Godzilla movie.  These guys know their stuff, and I guarantee you’ll learn something(s) both new and fascinating!)

I hope you enjoy the interview!  Be sure to let me know what you thought via Facebook, Twitter, the interview’s YouTube comments section, or right here on the GNP website!

More updates are inbound soon, so stay tuned!

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