UPDATE #39 (3/19/19): The Latest Chapter of “Godzilla’s Revenge” is Live!

Howdy, G-fans!

After an extreme bout of dormancy, the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT’s adaptation of 1969’s All Monsters Attack (best known to Western Kaiju lovers as Godzilla’s Revenge) is back up and running!  $5+ Patreon supporters got to check it out yesterday, and now the chapter – chronicling little Ichiro’s journey home through polluted Kawasaki – is available for all fans to read and (hopefully, despite it’s rather depressing setting) enjoy!

This chapter took quite a while to nail down, mostly because of just how much about the film’s environment is established visually in its opening sequences. Throw into this mix a young boy’s simultaneously childlike AND mature perspective on this environment, and you have a challenging narrative to craft! In addition, I spent more time studying maps of Kawasaki, comparing reference photos, and measuring distances than I care to admit, but I hope that this extra effort lends a degree of authenticity to the story.

So, without further ado, I invite you to jump back into the drab and dreary world of 1969 urban Japan, and join Ichiro as he winds his way through busy streets, across bridges, down highways, and over railroad tracks to an inevitably empty home. It sounds depressing, but don’t worry… it is. 😉

Read the chapter here.

Stay tuned for more chapters – and other GNP updates – in the very near future!

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