UPDATE #40 (4/2/19): On the Subject of April Fools’ Day…

Howdy, readers!

If you were paying attention to the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT’s social media (or if you’re a Patron and saw an update email in your inbox) yesterday, you’ll likely have noticed that the GNP announced – and posted – the beginning of a new novelization: 2014’s Godzilla, the film that launched the MonsterVerse! A LOT of people clicked that link yesterday, bringing them to what they assumed was the page containing Chapter 1…

… and almost immediately, it probably became clear to them – and you – that something foolish was afoot.

Long story short, I have most certainly NOT started a novel adaptation of 2014’s Godzilla.  As stated before in interviews and on this site’s FAQ page, the American-produced Godzilla films are not on my list to novelize, owing to the fact that such books already exist, officially published back in 1998 and 2014 respectively, to promote the films in question.  In fact, the supposed Chapter 1 excerpt I posted to social media (as is the usual pattern for GNP announcements) actually comes from the official 2014 novelization! All credit for those words, of course, goes to Greg Cox, who crafted a fantastic adaptation of the movie that everyone should read!

That said, if you were among those who clicked the link to read “Chapter 1”, you would have been greated by Godzilla, in his 2014 version, laying down some SERIOUS boogie (in what might honestly be my favorite gif of all time.) The caption for the gif, perhaps inevitably, was “LET THEM DANCE”.

This gag came about pretty quickly, as my original intent for celebrating April Fools’ Day was to (no joke!) write a full short story set somewhere within the Godzilla universe. When it became clear I wouldn’t have the time to do that, I came up with yesterday’s prank instead.  With any luck, it at least gave you a laugh, or outright tricked you!

This link will take you to the original prank page, preserved for posterity (but renamed to avoid confusion). Thanks for being such awesome readers, and don’t worry… the GNP will be back soon with a real, 100% not prank update!

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