UPDATE #41 (4/14/19): A New Behind-the-Scenes Blog is Live! Also, Some Patreon Updates!

Greetings, readers!

I’ve got a couple of awesome things to share today.  First up, a brand spankin’ new Monster Musing blog is up and ready to read!  In this latest peek into the inner workings of the project, I embrace my inner Asimov and discuss something I like to call the GNP’s Three Guiding Principles: a trio of philosophies that have not only served me well in my long history of Godzilla fandom, but have also become the backbone of how I approach this project.  This was a joy to write, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

Check out the newest blog here.

Second on today’s update docket is a shoutout to two amazing G-Fans who have recently joined the GNP family of Patreon supporters! An incredibly huge and sincere THANK YOU goes out to Javier Ojst and, as of this morning, Jason Edmunds, for believing in me and trusting me with your hard-earned money.  You – and my other Patrons – will never truly know how humbled and grateful I am for your generosity.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Javier and Jason’s names can be found immortalized on this site’s Dedication page, along with the other fine folks who have joined me on this journey.

Before I sign off, I want to mention one more Patreon-related thing: if you visit the GNP’s Patreon page, you’ll notice that a new goal has been added…

Long story short, if we can get to however many supporter is takes for the project to make $50 a month, I will officially have the funds necessary to begin producing exclusive GNP merchandise!  I’ll be making a separate update to fill you in on those details soon, but for now, be sure to start thinking about what items you’d want produced.  If the interest is there, there’s very little I wouldn’t be interested in making!

Thats all for now.  A new chapter update (and a super exciting one, at that!) should be forthcoming very soon, so stay tuned and take care!

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