UPDATE #42 (4/16/19): Celebrating a Social Media Milestone!

Hey there, folks!

Upon waking up this morning and checking the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT’s official Twitter page, I was absolutely floored to see that something amazing had happened…

As of today, a mere 14 months after launching the project, the GNP has hit an astounding 1000 Twitter followers!!

I was shocked, to say the least! But above all, I was amazed, humbled, and grateful beyond words.

This is a big deal for a number of reasons. Firstly, it shows to newcomers who are just now discovering the GNP that their fellow fans are truly interested in this project, as well as in me as a member of the G-fan community. Second, it helps promote the project in a hugely significant way, since 1000 human beings (minus a few potential bots, of course!) are likely seeing (if not sharing/commenting on) the updates/fun things I post.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, it shows me that people are genuinely enjoying and appreciating what I’m doing.

And that, my friends, blows my mind in the best and most humbling way possible.

When I launched this project a year ago, I had no idea if it would be embraced by the fandom, or if it would be largely ignored, lost within a sea of many creative Kaiju endeavors. There are, after all, hundreds of incredibly talented and creative writers and artists that are unleashing amazing things upon G-fandom. With so much talent, finding an identity and a voice is often challenging.

However, since the website (and it’s social media outlets) went live in February of 2018, I’ve been amazed at how quickly people have found and supported me. In little time at all, I found myself co-hosting podcasts, being asked to help other writers craft their own Kaiju stories, being tagged in Twitter/Facebook posts, and being cheered on by readers, friends, and a growing legion of Patreon backers.

All this, directed at a guy who, before launching this project, didn’t even have a personal Facebook or Twitter account to speak of!

That’s why, for my money, 1000 Twitter followers is a milestone more than worthy of celebration. As someone who was a social media neophyte less than 14 months ago, this is a remarkable achievement! But beyond that, this is yet another incredible vote of confidence from you, the reader, to me. I hope with all my heart that I remain worthy of that confidence.

So, yeah… to say I’m thankful is a rather massive understatement. For your unending support, your friendship, your patronage, your camaraderie, and your belief in me, I truly thank you all.

That’s all for today’s update, but stay tuned, because something really special will be coming to the GNP very soon… and I can’t wait to share the story behind it’s creation – and it’s purpose – with all of you!

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