UPDATE #44 (5/10/19): A Gift for Josh

Howdy, G-Fans!

Last week, I mentioned a major update that was almost ready to reveal, and a story that went along with it. Today, I’d finally like to share that story with you.

Shortly after this update goes live, the first chapter to a brand new Godzilla novelization will be posted for Patreon supporters, and will be publically published tomorrow for all fans to read and (hopefully) enjoy.  But this particular adaptation is special.  The chapter in question has actually been completed for some time, and up until now, only one, very special Godzilla fan has read it.

Thereby hangeth a tale.

Back in April, the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT was given a truly wonderful opportunity: a chance to make a difference, however small, in the life of a remarkable young man named Josh Salazar.  If you’re a Twitter user, then you are most likely familiar with the story of #GodzillaForJosh.  For those who aren’t, here’s a brief explanation: little Josh suffers from Arthrogryposis, and through all the pain, surgeries, and unimaginable stress, his guiding light has always been his undying love for the King of the Monsters. For many months, Godzilla fans on social media, myself included, have been pushing for little Josh to receive an early screening of Legendary’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters. In that time, Josh has amassed almost as many admirers as Godzilla himself, and his courage, his strength, and his passion for the character have left me truly humbled.

In short, I knew I needed to do something special for this amazing boy.

Back in March, I reached out to Josh’s mother, Kim, and inquired about what his favorite Godzilla film was. My hope was to, with her permission, dedicate the novel adaptation of his favorite G-flick to him, complete with an acknowledgement in the book itself and exclusive early access, so he could be the first to read it. To my delight, both she and Josh loved the idea, and Josh had the perfect film in mind…

2001’s monster masterpiece, Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (A.K.A. GMK).

Despite plans for the GNP to temporarily cease creating new novels in favor of focusing on crafting follow-up chapters for books already begun, I was more than happy to throw those plans out the window to fulfill Josh’s request!  GMK is a special movie, and it seemed fitting that this book be written for a likewise special fan.  And if it meant helping to put a smile on little Josh’s face, then making this new book happen was worth anything to me.

After weeks of writing and rewriting, the completed prologue to GMK was sent to Josh and his mom on Easter Sunday. Despite busy and stressful days for both of them, it didn’t take long for me to hear back from Kim that Josh loved the chapter!  It was all I could do to keep from tearing up.

In the end, I only wish I could do more to help this brave young man through an ordeal I could never imagine going through. But knowing that I helped, even in only a little way, to alleviate a bit of that stress is gratifying beyond words. Josh’s strength and love for Godzilla has inspired me, and I wish both him and his mother all the happiness and health in the world.  I hope you all will join me in sending them all the love, support, and (if you’re so inclined) prayers that you can.

As I said above, the chapter will soon be available for Patreon supporters to check out, and everyone will be able to read it tomorrow!  Check back in 24 hours for a new update, and get ready to feel the wrath of a possessed Monster King as the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT’s adaptation of GMK kicks off!

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