UPDATE #45 (5/11/19): “GMK” Begins! Plus, A Brief Note on Upcoming Chapters

Welcome back, Godzilla lovers!

As promised in yesterday’s update, its finally time for the GNP to go full GMK!!  The prologue to the site’s latest Godzilla adaptation is now live and ready for everyone to read!  (And remember, this book is dedicated to a very special Godzilla fan named Josh, so be sure to note his acknowledgement at the top of the prologue page!)

Tackling this particular novelization carries with it a great deal of responsibility, and an extra helping of research, to boot!  In short, GMK stands as one of the most significant – and beloved – entries in the Godzilla franchise, and a film whose US home video releases (courtesy of Sony) have infamously muddled its true depth and artistry.  The dreaded “dubtitle” has marred many a Godzilla DVD/Blu-ray over the years, but few have been as badly damaged by this laziness than GMK.  For a time, adapting this film as part of the project was placed about as far away on the back burner as possible; without a reliable translation to base my dialogue upon, beginning this book was simply not an option.  The movie – and you, the readers – deserved better.

Mercifully, thanks to my growing army of AMAZING Patreon supporters, I was able to procure a copy of the film with accurate subtitles late last year.  Without this, crafting the GMK novelization would not have been possible.  So, if you’re a Patron, I owe the existence of an ENTIRE Godzilla novel to YOU, and I can’t thank you enough!

With the issue of accurate subs out of the way, all I needed to finally jump onboard and get this book started was finding out that, as per yesterday’s update, little Josh Salazar loved this particular Godzilla film the best.

And so, without further ado, the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT proudly presents the Prologue to 2001’s monster masterpiece, GMK.  I hope you enjoy it!


Before I go, I wanted to bring up one more thing: an important shift in direction that affects the way the GNP will operate going forward. In short, the decision has been made to cease beginning new Godzilla novels for the foreseeable future, with focus switching exclusively to working on novels that have already begun on the site. The number of different Godzilla novelizations currently available to read stems from a desire on my part to give readers a variety of stories to choose from while also providing a sample of what I can do as a writer. The books currently on the site represent a wide array of genres, perspectives, and points-of-view for characters, meaning that the desired variety is now in place. With a total of ten novelizations in progress on the site, the time has finally come to make focusing on those novels a priority over beginning new ones.  Of course, these plans could change, and if they do, you’ll be the first to know!  But for now, I feel that this is the best route for the GNP to take.  After all, if I continue launching new books on a regular basis, the ones I’ve already started will take that much longer to finish!

That said, you can expect to see new chapters for books like King Kong vs. Godzilla, All Monsters Attack, Godzilla vs. Hedorah, Godzilla, vs. Gigan, and more coming soon!  In addition, there will be a few new projects announced in the near future that aren’t related to the full novels (i.e. timelines, short stories, blogs, etc.), so look forward to those!  And with G-FEST coming up soon, expect some exciting announcements about the GNP’s presence at the con!  I’ve got some exciting things up my sleeve for this year…

But all of that is for a different update.  Until then, enjoy GMK, and try not to pass out from King of the Monsters hype!  Only 19 days until the King returns…

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