UPDATE #46 (5/13/19): Big News – G-FEST Panels & Kaiju Concerts!

Hello again, readers!

I’ve got BIG news to share today, and it’s all to do with a little event in Chicago called G-FEST

For the past decade, G-FEST has been an intigral part of my life, an annual summer tradition that keeps me motivated to survive yet another year of whatever life throws at me.  Those four, glorious days of living, breathing, and celebrating giant Japanese monsters with like-minded fans truly keep me sane, and walking through the doors of Rosemont’s Crown Plaza hotel every July is truly like coming home.

Every year brings new and wonderful things to my personal convention experience, but this year is particularly special… because not only will I be attending the con, I will actually be a part of it!!

That’s right, folks!  This G-FEST will see me realize a ten-year-long dream to finally join in on the fun of presenting Kaiju knowledge to my fellow fans.  And I couldn’t be more thrilled!

On Friday, July 12th (the first full day of the con) at Noon, the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT will join forces with friend/fellow writer Nate Marchand for an in-depth discussion on the careers and lives of two pivotal players in the history of Godzilla/Kaiju films: screenwriters Shinichi Sekizawa and Takeshi Kimura.

Here’s the official description of the panel:

Most of Toho’s classic tokusatsu films started with scripts penned by the Showa era creative team’s unsung heroes, Shinichi Sekizawa and Takeshi Kimura. Join Nathan Marchand (professional writer and co-creator of Kaijuvision Radio) and Daniel DiManna (creator/author of the Godzilla Novelization Project) as they explain how these polar opposite storytellers revolutionized the kaiju genre.

Sounds fascinating, no?

As a Kaiju lover and a writer, I’ve always been intrigued by the incredible dichotomy between these two talented men.  Sekizawa (whose most notable works include the likes of Mothra, King Kong vs. Godzilla, Monster Zero, Godzilla vs. Gigan, and seven other Godzilla flicks) was, by all accounts, a joyous man who not only revolutionized the way monsters were portrayed on screen, but loved doing it, as well. Kimura (whose work includes Destroy All Monsters, Frankenstein vs. Baragon, War of the Gargantuas, King Kong Escapes, and his all-time masterpiece, Matango) was a dour, often dark man, a committed communist who largely disliked being assigned monster pictures.

Needless to say, comparing and contrasting these two creative forces as writers, and as individuals, will be fascinating.

If you’re attending G-FEST this year, be sure not to miss Nate and I delve into the careers of these two titans of the genre! It’ll be a fun time, and hopefully it’ll shed some much needed light on two guys who tend to be overshadowed by the Ishiro Hondas and Eiji Tsuburayas of Kaiju history.


But wait… there’s more!

As many of you no doubt know, this year’s con will host the third in a series of phenomenal Kaiju music concerts: KAIJU CRESCENDO: AND EVENING OF JAPANESE MONSTER MUSIC, featuring the unforgettable music of composer Michiru Oshima, who will be in attendance to conduct suites from her three Godzilla scores: Godzilla vs. Megaguirus, Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla, and Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.  The concert will also feature the works of Akira Ifukube and Masaru Sato, arranged once again by John DeSentis.

Several months ago, a Kickstarter was held to help fund the concert, and I was lucky enough to snag a spot as an official Executive Producer!  It was an opportunity that I simply couldn’t pass up, and it’ll definitely be surreal seeing my name on the posters!

So, yeah… this G-FEST is definiteiy shaping up to be a memorable one!  Between co-hosting a panel and having my name associated with a live Kaiju concert, the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT will be receiving a ton of exposure, hopefully bringing in more readers, fans, and supporters!

I hope to see you all at the con in July.  Excluding my own exploits, this G-FEST will, as always, be a memorable weekend on camaraderie and fun, and it’s an experience no Godzilla fan will want to miss!

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as the convention gets closer!

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