UPDATE #47 (5/16/19): The MonsterVerse Timeline is Live!

Hey folks, I’m back for another update!  And this one is… and you knew this was coming… legendary. 😉

Today marks 5 years since Gareth Edwards astounded audiences with 2014’s Godzilla.  It’s truly hard to believe that half a decade has passed since Legendary Pictures proved that Hollywood can do Godzilla justice, and unleashed a film that revitalized the franchise all around the world.  But not only did Godzilla kick the series back into gear, it became the launching pad for a bonefide cinematic universe of giant monster movies, A.K.A. the MonsterVerse.  If you had told ten-year-old me (or heck, even 20-year-old me) that such a thing was possible, I’d have probably argued the opposite.  And yet, here we are, with G14 and Kong: Skull Island under our belts and heading for the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters in just two weeks.  This truly is a remarkable time to be a Godzilla fan.

And so, in celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the MonsterVerse, the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT is proud to announce that the site’s MonsterVerse Timeline has officially launched!

This ongoing project will chronicle the many events, characters, and monsters of Legendary’s ongoing cinematic universe of creature features, all in chronological order and drawing from sources beyond the films, such as the graphic novel prequels, the novelizations, the art books, and viral marketing.

Like the other timelines on the site, this project will be a work in progress.  But I hope the final result will join the Anime and Sony timelines as one of the more beloved pages on the site!

And hey, with the aforementioned Godzilla: King of the Monsters just around the corner, what better way to refresh your MonsterVerse knowledge?

Follow this link to check out the first two parts of the Timeline, and happy reading!

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