UPDATE #57 (3/11/20): It’s the GNP vs. The Monster Island Film Vault!

Happy March, readers!

One of the many wonderful things that has happened as a result of starting the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT has been connecting and collaborating with other “kaiju creators” on various projects. Since launching the GNP, I’ve had the opportunity to guest-host on two different podcasts, where I’ve waxed philosophic about anything and everything giant monster, and talked about a few of my favorite films in the genre. Long-time readers may have heard me co-hosting a few episodes of the excellent Kaijuvision Radio with Brian Scherschel, wherein we dove deep into various aspects of films like The Three Treasures, Battle in Outer Space, The Last War, and more!

Well, if (by chance) you enjoy listening to me ramble about kaiju flicks, I have good news! I recently joined friend and fellow kaiju geek Nathan Marchand on his new podcast, The Monster Island Film Vault, for an EPIC discussion about one of my favorite films of all time: Peter Jackson’s masterful 2005 version of King Kong. It’s a movie that’s very near and dear to my heart, and having the opportunity to talk about it on “the air” was truly a blast. Nate and I discuss everything from the film’s respect of the original and its incredible special effects, to its depiction of 1933-era New York and the history of Vaudeville!

If you’re so inclined to give it a listen, you can check out the episode on the MIFV website or on YouTube, or download it from your favorite podcatcher.

And after you finish listening to the Kong ’05 episode, be sure to check out more of The Monster Island Film Vault! Nate (and, of course, his enigmatic cohost Jimmy from NASA) puts on a fantastic show, and his first season (currently at 12 episodes) is largely focusing on a “Kong-Quest” series of discussions about the 8th Wonder’s filmography. As of this writing, Kong: Skull Island is next!

Happy listening, and stay tuned for more GNP updates coming soon!

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