UPDATE #58 (3/13/20): Page Images and Patreon Support!

Happy Friday the 13th, readers! Hopefully your day has been a lucky one!

The first part of this update is a tad overdue, and you’ll understand why in a minute! Better late than never, I say. In keeping with my goal to maintain weekly updates to the site (even if they’re little updates), I figured this was a good a Friday as any to discuss a recent(ish) change to the site’s novel/short story pages that you may have noticed…

A few months ago, while trying to figure out ways to make the GNP site more visually appealing, I decided that it was high time for each story to have a unique image to go along with it. After all, every book has its cover, right? After uploading a few test images, I decided that every major page needed its own header image that represented what you’d be reading. It’s pretty self-explanatory, and something I really should have done a long time ago. I file this under the “First-Time Web Designer” heading, which is (not shockingly) a pretty thick file at this point. I’m definitely still learning as I go along, and I’m always open to suggestions for better visual/performance improvements to the site going forward!

That said, here are a few of the images that now appear at the tops of each novel/timeline/short story page:

GNP Monsterverse Timeline Image
The MonsterVerse Timeline
GNP Godzilla vs. Hedorah Image
Godzilla vs. Hedorah
GNP Matango Image
Casefile: MATANGO

Cool, no?

I’ve been having fun creating these little “covers” for the stories and timelines, and I hope they’ve been appreciated! That said, there’s still a lot I’d like to do visually with the site in the future, including FINALLY getting rid of those annoying ads that pop up in the middle of the text (one of the side effects of having a free WordPress account) and maybe even teaming up with artists in the kaiju community to create better images for the site! More on those updates as they continue to develop.

That said, I do have one more special announcement. The GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT welcomes the one and only Jimmy From NASA to its growing family of Patreon supporters! (Jimmy, if you didn’t know, is the mysterious – and potentially non-corporeal – producer of The Monster Island Film Vault podcast, hosted by friend (and fellow Patreon supporter!) Nate Marchand.) Jimmy backed at the popular $10 level, which means his name will be worked into the story of a GNP adaptation! His movie of choice was Monster Zero (not shocking if you know Jimmy!), which is still on my list of books to start in the future. But when I do, look for Jimmy’s name!

If having your name immortalized in your favorite Godzilla story sounds like a cool investment, head over to the GNP’s Patreon page and join Jimmy (and other awesome $10 backers like Nate Marchand, Allison Fey, and Kyohei Toshi) in supporting the project! A monthly donation of as little as $1 gets you recognition in the site, and my eternal gratitude. Support of any amount is humbling to me beyond words, and to anyone who would consider helping me to continue making this project a reality, I truly thank you.

(And remember, the more support I have, the more physical goodies I can offer supporters! When the project starts earning $50 a month, I start rolling out tee shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, keychains, or anything (within reason, of course!) that you might be interested in!)

Well, I think that’s enough shameless promotion for one day. Asking for support is always uncomfortable for me, but realistically speaking, it’s the only way this project will ever be completed in a timely and high-quality fashion. That said, the amount of support I get from readers, monetary or otherwise, continues to both blow me away and warm my heart. I hope that I can continue to be worthy of your praise and your readership.

Thanks for reading through this update, and for being such awesome fans. I’ll catch you in the next update! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the theater to see Godzilla vs. Ko-


Well… that’s disappointing.

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