UPDATE #60 (4/29/20): A Monster Egg has Washed Ashore! MOTHRA VS. GODZILLA: Chapter 2 is Live!

Greetings, readers!

Today marks the 56th Anniversary of one of Godzilla’s finest cinematic moments: 1964’s Mothra vs. Godzilla. I’ve talked before about how much this film means to me and how wonderful it is, so I’ll spare you the repetition. I’ve also talked about the awesomeness of the film’s leading man: the legendary Akira Takarada, who shares a birthday with the film he helped make so memorable.

Needless to say, this duo of true class acts need no introduction. So join me in bidding both film and actor a heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

To celebrate, the long-awaited second chapter of the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT’s ongoing adaptation of the film has been published! This chapter took a LONG time to finally get right, and part of that came down to the format this book will be taking. As previously discussed, multiple chapters in the book will be separated by newspaper articles penned by Takarada-san’s character, reporter Ichiro Sakai. The exact placement of these “artifacts” from the story’s universe took a while to lock down, but once I figured out the best places to put these articles, the outline of the whole book fell into place. Whew!

That being said, the next chapter of the novelization will begin with another of these articles. In fact, it will be the one we actually see on screen following the egg’s recovery at sea! In classic monster-movie fashion, a newspaper appears on screen, loudly proclaiming that a mysterious egg has washed ashore. For those who’ve always wondered how that article read (c’mon, I know there are at least a few of you out there!), the next chapter of the GNP’s Mothra vs. Godzilla novelization should be a fun read!

But until then, check out the latest chapter by following this link.

(And if you’re new to the GNP and/or haven’t read the previous chapters, head to the book’s table of contents and start from the beginning!)

That said, it’s time for me to get back to work! There are a LOT of things happening behind the scenes here at GNP HQ, and I can’t wait to announce them all! Until then, stay safe, stay well, and stay happy.

Oh, and eat plenty of hard-boiled eggs. It’s what Jiro would want!

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