UPDATE #61 (5/29/20): Hippies and Fish Heads and Slime… Oh My! The GNP’s Latest BTS Blog is Live!

Happy almost-summer, readers!

Spring 2020 has certainly been… shall we say, a doozy. Through it all, I hope that all of you have remained safe, healthy, and most importantly, happy. I know I have.

I’ve also been busy. Being stuck at home does have its advantages, and through the current unpleasantness I have been writing, re-writing, researching, and even doing a little recording! There are a LOT of exciting things happening behind the scenes here at GNP HQ, and the time for revealing it all is getting close!

Today’s update deals with the long-overdue resurrection of a part of the site that has seen little activity as of late: the behind-the-scenes “Monster Musings” blog. I figured it was time to provide a little peek behind the curtain and analyze the creative process behind the development of one of the project’s more challenging adaptations… that oh-so-strange 1971 anti-pollution masterwork, Godzilla vs. Hedorah.

I won’t say too much here (that’s what the blog is for, after all!), but I will say that putting my thoughts and ideas regarding the writing of this particular novelization down into words was incredibly fun. I had a blast writing this blog, which delves into such topics as deciphering trippy imagery, finding meaning in seemingly-random symbolism, and honoring the vision of the late, great Yoshimitsu Banno, without whom Hedorah would never have existed. At the end of the day, honoring the visionaries who created these films is what the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT is all about, and Banno-san was nothing if not a man with a unique vision. This blog is a celebration of that vision, and an exploration of what it means to translate it into the written word.

If you’re a fan of this movie, I hope you’ll get some enjoyment out of this blog. I also hope you’ll continue to join me in my quest to novelize this very strange – and very special – Godzilla film.

Follow this link to begin reading. See you all in the next update, and watch out for those fish heads; you never know where they’ll turn up!


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