Happy Saturday, readers! Strap in, because I have a big announcement to make!

For the last five years, the Godzilla Novelization Project has lacked one crucial ingredient that any good book needs: actual book covers.

Well, that’s finally about to change!

Thanks to the magic of AI, I’m thrilled to announce that every GNP novel now has gorgeous, hi-res cover art, rendered with stunning accuracy and mind-blowing visual fidelity. (Plus, I didn’t have to pay real human artists a lick o’ money! What fun!)

Take a look through the gallery below and feast your eyes on these true artistic wonders!

The process was simple: I just typed the name of each movie along with the words “book cover” into the prompt and voila! Free masterpieces. I think the remarkable work seen on this new cover for my Godzilla (1954) novelization says it all.

This is the new GNP cover for King Kong vs. Godzilla. Which one is Godzilla? Which one is Kong? Only you can decide!

Mothra vs. Godzilla is undoubtedly a masterpiece, and it’s clear that AI generators are aware of this. Otherwise, how could the free one I Googled capture the essence of the film with such stunning accuracy?

Truly a book cover worthy of the legacy of Ishiro Honda.

Ah, All Monsters Attack. The often maligned story of a young child fleeing his unhappy world to befriend the son of Godzilla and learn valuable life lessons.

But did Ichiro have tails growing out of his legs and sword?

I think we all know the answer.

The ideal book cover should be able to communicate something profound about what the reader can expect from the story and the characters behind it.

This breathtaking cover for my Godzilla vs. Hedorah novelization accomplishes that goal in spades.

I’m a big Gigan fan. Not just of the movie, but also of the character. The design has always fascinated me; I mean, who among us DOESN’T love the full silver armor plating, lack of chest saw, red face, and upsetting number of teeth that Gigan has to offer? I know I sure do.

Art is open to interpretation. I mean, if AI wants to interpret the name “Megalon” as “Jason Momoa in Yoga Pants,” then who are we to judge?

It’s art like this that reminds me of just how much I love Godzilla vs. Megalon. Happy 50th. I hope this cover does you justice.

The swan song of Ishiro Honda. The final film of the Showa era. A timeless tale of star-crossed lovers. A fantastic film with epic action and tender emotion in equal measure.

And somehow, this cover conveys it all without words. Art is truly powerful.

One of my favorite aspects of Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla was the confusion the characters feel about which of the two titular monsters is which. Remember the part where everyone thought Godzilla was Spacegodzilla and Spacegodzilla was Godzilla? Good times.

I’ll be honest with you guys: up to this point, and despite the stunning results, I wasn’t ENTIRELY sold on the whole AI thing.

But then I saw this image.

The sheer artistic magnitude, the accuracy to the film, the unexpected number of finger tentacles… it brought a tear to my eye. And then another. Before I knew it, I was openly weeping over my smartphone.

Truly, this is art.

I love me some Kiryu, and seeing how AI rendered the Millennium Mechagodzilla was a true treat. The app truly nailed it with this one, right down to the giant orange organic eyes that Kiryu is known for. They even put Godzilla’s head on backwards, just like in the movie!

But wait… it doesn’t stop there!

I figured I’d also generate some soulless cover art for some of the short stories I’ve written, and where better to start than the tale of a cyborg who dreamed of being loved as a human.

I present to you the new cover for “Katsura’s Story.”

In 1956, one man watched as a city burned and the shadow of a prehistoric beast fell upon a terrified nation. He witnessed death and tragedy on an unprecedented scale, and lived through it all to tell his story.

I present to you the new book cover for “The Steve Martin Report.”

One man.

One island.

One insatiable hunger for the forbidden fungi of a cursed hell in the Pacific.

Behold the new cover for the GNP’s novella “Casefile: Matango.”

And last but not least, witness the terrifying backwards wings and footless horror of “Sora no Daikaiju,” a retelling of 1956’s Rodan.

Finally, a cover worthy of one of the GNP’s most popular short stories!

Expect these breathtaking examples of artistic brilliance to find a home on each novel’s main page soon!

Oh, and happy April Fools Day. 😉

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