UPDATE #94 (4/2/23): APRIL FOOLS!

So, about yesterday…

I’m sure most of you don’t need to be told, but yep, yesterday’s post about AI book covers was, obviously, the GNP’s annual April Fools prank!

I say “obviously,” but I felt the need to make doubly sure that everyone knew this was all fake. After I shared the fake covers to social media yesterday, a few people did reach out to tell me to consider hiring real artists, or to voice their disappointment and let me know they were unfollowing me!

Rest assured, dear readers, that I would NEVER use harmful AI “art” for the GNP in ANY capacity. 🤮

The renders are hilariously awful (and intentionally so, since this was supposed to be a joke), but AI generators are getting better and smarter. Some of them can produce art much better than this, and some can write flawless marketing copy or original stories. Their rise is threatening the lives and careers of creators everywhere, including myself, as writing is both my hobby AND (outside of the GNP) my livelihood.

The Godzilla/kaiju community is bursting with some of the most talented ACTUAL HUMAN artists you’ll ever meet. Please pay and support them. They deserve it. This AI crap can pound sand.

That said, I hope the post gave you a laugh! Some of these images are truly hysterical (I think the Steve Martin Report cover is the winner), and I had way too much fun coming up with super-serious descriptions for each. I also left in typos intentionally, and threw in a few subtle “mistakes” just for fun (like including Terror of Mechagodzilla, even though its GNP Novelization hasn’t been started yet).

As with every GNP April Fools Day prank, I’ll leave the post below archived for posterity. Just don’t expect those horrible covers to show up as actual covers on the GNP website anytime soon. 😉

Take care, everyone! And, at long last, happy April 2nd! Whew!


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