UPDATE #73 (4/22/2021): Godzilla vs. Hedorah: Chapter 6 Attacks for Earth Day 2021!

Hello, and Happy Earth Day!

As 2021 trudges on and the world (both literally and metaphorically) gets a little bit brighter, work on the GNP continues in earnest. In fact, with any luck, this update won’t be the only one I’ll be writing this week!

But more on that later. Today, a shiny (or should that be slimy?) new chapter of the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT’s ongoing adaptation of Godzilla vs. Hedorah has been published, and WOW was this one ever a fun challenge to write. This book has always been a particularly challenging adaptation to tackle, but this chapter presented a few exciting hurdles that needed to be jumped. From writing smooth transitions for Yoshimitsu Banno’s frenetic editing and translating the infamous “fish heads” scene to – and believe it or not, this is 100% true – crafting the very first full-on monster battle since the GNP was launched (!), creating this chapter was a doozy. But don’t worry, it was the good kind of doozy!

Check out the chapter right here. I hope you enjoy the monster fights, hippies, and hallucinogenic fish heads that await you!

See you soon for the next (super awesome) update!

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