UPDATE #86 (3/6/22): The Latest GNP Status Report is Live!

The seventh bi-annual GNP Status report is ready to read! Make sure you’re comfortable…

Greetings, awesome people! Welcome to Updeighty-six! (Yes, I can sense you rolling your eyes through the screen. And no, I’m not sorry.)

Anyway, bad puns aside, its finally time to jump into the latest edition of the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT’s patented (and long-winded) STAUS REPORT! This bi-annual deep dive into the progress of the GNP is a great opportunity to discuss everything going on with the project, and they’re usually pretty in depth and hefty on the ol’ word count.

However, this report will be a bit more succinct than previous ones, largely because the last six months have seen fewer updates to the GNP than I would’ve liked. The reasons for this are plentiful, and – without getting too personal – range from starting a new job and other creative projects to a myriad of family emergencies and – most unfortunate of all – the deaths of two family friends.

I won’t dwell on these things too much, but needless to say, my attention was required elsewhere quite a lot over the winter months. But even with all the challenges being thrown at me since the last status report in the fall of 2021, the GNP has still seen quite a lot of growth and even a few new projects started! It all happened slower than I wanted (heck, this report was supposed to drop on February 22nd, but a family car accident put the kybosh on those plans), and there’s definitely less to discuss than usual, but despite a crazy half a year, work still got done, and I’m quite pleased with both its quality and reception.

So sit back, get comfortable, put on your reading glasses (if you’re lucky and don’t need reading glasses, feel free to skip this step), and check out the status of every GNP project, as well as what’s in store for readers like you in the coming months! Let’s dive in.



Not much to say here, as this is one of many novelizations that hasn’t gotten an update in quite some time. However, this is a book that I get asked about frequently, with many readers telling me that this is their favorite adaptation on the site. So if you’ve been waiting patiently for Godzilla: Chapter 3, don’t worry… it’s coming! One exciting new detail about this one is the fact that I might just have a narrator lined up to read a potential audiobook version, but that’s an update for another day…


As I said in the last status report, the adaptation of this film (which is based on the legendary original Japanese cut of the film, unavailable in the United States until recently) has been a unique and exciting opportunity for the GNP.  To be able to present Honda and Sekizawa’s original, hilariously satirical vision to western readers is truly an honor, and it’s something I’m definitely taking my time on.

Only Chapter 1 has been completed and posted thus far, and my continuing research into the period (specifically the Japanese “Economic Miracle” and its effects on television, advertising, and big business) has prevented me from converting my outlines into further chapters. However, this remains another popular adaptation on the site (despite consisting of a single chapter!), so once I feel satisfied with the research, work on the next chapter can continue.


The next chapter of this adaptation (and the next “in universe” newspaper article penned by Akira Takarada’s character, Ichiro Sakai) has already been outlined and given a fair amount of research. The next part of the story will begin with the Sakai article, and then move into the examination of the “monster egg” by our heroes… and one very smarmy villain. This isn’t one I’ve worked on for a while, but I’m hoping to dedicate some time to it soon. Stay tuned!


Two chapters in, and this adaptation remains a joy to write. The most recent chapter was received very well, and work on the next one is on-again, off-again. Research into the tumultuous era that produced this unique story is ongoing, and putting this oft-derided film into its proper historical context remains a massively important part of this adaptation. Since the last chapter’s publication, I’ve done a lot more research into Japan’s late-1960s “Traffic Wars,” and even wrote an in-depth article on the subject that got a shout-out from Steve Ryfle! I’m not sure when the next chapter is coming, but I hope it’s soon.


Ah yes, the big one. As of this update, this adaptation remains the longest novel on the site, currently sitting at seven chapters. In fact, this particular book is dangerously close to nearing the halfway point of the movie! I still consider it the frontrunner for becoming the first finished GNP novelization, and while I had planned to write multiple new chapters to close out 2021, my aforementioned family emergencies kept that from happening. But don’t worry, more will be coming later this year!


Readers have really been enjoying this one, and I have been, too. This is another book I’d planned to write more of in late 2021, but with 2022 being the 50th anniversary of this awesome movie, you can definitely expect some Gigan goodness coming your way, and sooner than you might think!


Godzilla vs. Megalon is another book I’ve put on the back burner over the last few months. While readers were enjoying it, I hit a few snags and decided my creative energies were best directed elsewhere. That said, Chapter 2 is still being converted from an outline/notes to actual chapter.


Unfortunately, the status on this book remains the same as the last time progress was shared a few months ago.  Much like Mothra vs. Godzilla, a surprising amount of research is required to make this novel authentic.  Specifically, knowledge of the history of Okinawa, its past and then (1974) current relationship to Japan, and its unique religious background are all necessary in presenting an accurate portrayal of the setting of the story.

The good news is that research into these topics is going well, if slowly.  Once I have acquired the necessary knowledge to accurately portray the setting of the film, then work on the next chapter will resume.


This is the most recent novel started on the site, and as of this writing, it is planned to be the last for some time. As mentioned elsewhere, the focus of the project is now squarely on crafting new chapters for already started books. The entire idea behind having multiple adaptations being worked on at the same time was to give the site some variety during its early days, and after two-and-a-half years, I felt that the variety I was looking for was finally in place.

That said, the adaptation of Spacegodzilla has been wonderful to work on, as it’s always been a personal favorite film of mine in the franchise, as well as a film that I feel is far better than its reputation. I haven’t dedicated much time to Chapter 2 in quite a while, but I’m hoping to jump back into it after doing a bit more work on Hedorah.


Without getting too much into the story here, this is a particularly special adaptation for the GNP. This book was a special request from a wonderful Godzilla fan named Josh, a young man whose bravery in the face of life-altering health issues continues to humble me. More than three years after #GodzillaforJosh started trending on social media, I couldn’t be more thrilled that Josh is thriving and remains both loved and supported by Godzilla fans far and wide.

First and foremost, this book is for him. The next chapter was in development early last year, but was another casualty of my late-2021 shenanigans. I plan on getting the next part out sometime this summer, and I can’t wait for both Josh and all of you to read it.


This story is a unique one for the project as it is being told from MULTIPLE perspectives, including jumping between first-person accounts of the film’s events (such as the Prologue taking Akane’s perspective) and traditional third-person chapters. The final result should make for an interesting (and hopefully coherent) read that continues to be an exciting challenge to write! The next chapter will assume a new perspective as the events following Godzilla’s initial nighttime attack are seen through the eyes of the government, specifically Kumi Mizuno and Akira Nakao’s characters.



This one – no pun intended – has been an interesting case. The story – told as an “in-universe” testimony delivered by the film’s sole survivor upon his rescue – was stuck at five parts, plus an introduction, for several years. Thankfully, thanks to audience interest, Part 6 was published in October to celebrate Halloween! It was a blast getting back into the story after such a long break, and while I’d hoped to get Part 7 done before the end of the year, it never happened. My current plan is to finish it within the next few months, and wrap up the entire story before the end of the year. This tale of madness and mushrooms is getting closer to the finish line!


If you haven’t picked up on the pattern yet, 2021 and the beginning of 2022 have been dominated by short stories. In July, the project pubished “The Tiny Beauties and Mothra“, and in November (to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah), I started work on what might be the most ambitious and twisted GNP project yet: an adaptation of the in-universe book from the 1991 movie, “The Birth of Godzilla.” This doozy of a novella was actually supposed to have been completed by now, but… you guessed it, family emergencies. This particular story has been getting a lot of exposure (I recently did an interview with the wonderful Kaiju Kim about its development and the writing process behind it), and the next part is already well underway. It should be out soon!


Ever since launching the Timeline section of the site, I have been absolutely blown away by the amount of attention it has gotten. Even on days when the novelizations receive little web traffic, all of the timelines get an often shocking number of views. It’s been humbling to see that all the hard work that goes into researching, cataloguing, and writing the (sometimes obscure) facts in these timelines is being appreciated and enjoyed by fans!

Work on the timelines has slowed in recent months, but work is still being done behind the scenes on research for future updates. I’m even planning to launch a new timeline soon, so be on the lookout for that!


Without a doubt, this is easily the biggest chunk of the GNP’s productivity over the last half a year. Back in the fall of 2021, I restarted the Monster Musings blog as a Patreon-exclusive podcast, and I’m already 25 episodes in! It seems like Patrons are enjoying it, and it’s been a blast to work on every week. I’m hoping to do more written Monster Musings soon, but if you’re interested in listening to the podcast version, you can check it out for only $1 a month on Patreon!


As always, even with all the delays I’ve had to deal with over the last few months, there’s a LOT more going on behind the scenes of the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT than it might seem. There are a ton of chapters that have been outlined, and a number of concepts that have been documented for future use. Research on various aspects of the series continues on a daily basis, and new opportunities for collaboration and promotion are manifesting for the project, including merch production, potential audio books, and more!

In addition, the GNP has also started experimenting with a new frontier: video content! To celebrate 4 years of the GNP on February 22nd, I did my very first solo livestream and spent three hours answering fan questions. It was a blast, and with more than 20  people tuning in throughout the night, it looks like readers were having fun, too. I streamed the AMA on my long-dormant “Kaijulosophy” YouTube channel, and if my plans come to fruition, you should start seeing the name “Kaijulosophy” (a word I made up a few years ago to describe my own approach to loving monster movies) a lot more often…

I’ve also collaborated with a bunch of other kaiju-related creative endeavors to continue spreading the love for giant monsters. I’ve appeared on the Monster Island Film Vault podcast multiple times, discussed Ultra Q on Kaiju Weekly, did a lot more voice acting, wrote and performed in a Rifftrax-style takedown of The War in Space, edited a new isue of Kaiju Ramen magazine, and wrote two new articles for the publication – one on Ultraman, and another on Gigan for the Kaiju Ramen website. I’m set to write multiple new articles for what’s now being called Kaiju Ramen Media, as well as a new short story for the recently Kickstarted Kaiju Ramen: Volume 1, which also had a bit of input from yours truly!

Through it all, I’ve been blown away by how supportive each and every one of you continue to be. Whether you’re a casual visitor to the site or one of my wonderful Patreon supporters, it’s your kindness, dedication, and willingness to take time out of your day to read my work that truly fuels this project. You’ll never know how unbelievably grateful I am for each and every one of you.


Whew, we made it! Another GNP status report is now in the can, and if you made it this far down the preceding wall of text, I thank you for sticking with it until the end. I feel it’s important to keep you guys in the loop, so hopefully these reports are appreciated.

That said, I’d like to wrap up by, once again, thanking you all for your support, your encouragement, your patience, and your faith. Being able to pursue this dream is an incredible gift, and doing it without readers would be a difficult challenge, to say the least. The last few months have been a real hurtle to jump, with my personal life throwing new issues at me on a regular basis. But despite all the delays and stretches of unproductivity, you’ve stuck with me, and I thank you so much for that.

It has been one heck of an amazing four years, but I assure you, we are just getting started. There will be much more to read, more camaraderie to be enjoyed, and (hopefully!) more fun to be had. I hope you’ll all continue to come along for the ride. Thanks to you all! Stay happy, stay safe, and, as always, Long Live the King!

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