UPDATE #68 (9/11/20): The Latest GNP Status Report is Live!

Happy September, kaiju fans!

Wow, can you believe it’s already nearly fall? What a long, strange year it’s been… and yes, I know that’s the understatement to end all understatements.

Anyway, as per tradition, it’s time to bring you the latest installment of the GNP’s patented (and long winded) STATUS REPORT! This bi-annual deep-dive into the status of every ongoing aspect of the project has been an important part of keeping all of you informed and in the loop, and a great way for me to take stock and look at the progress that’s been made. This year’s report will see a lot of updates noted, both in terms of content and site improvements/aesthetics. There are new chapters, Timelines, blogs, logos, Patreon updates, big plans and exciting goals to discuss (and knowing how I tend to write these things, it’ll likely to be a long read), so without further do, let’s get this party started!



Not much to say here, except to reiterate that crafting Chapter 3 has been a bit of a creative challenge! In the previous Status Report, I noted that I was experimenting with multiple potential perspectives to tell the events of Chapter 3. If you’ve read the first two chapters and are familiar with the order of events in the film, then you know this next chapter will bring the action first to the panicked headquarters of the Nankai Steamship Company, and then to the Pacific to witness the sinking of the Bingo-Maru.

Due to currently focusing on other novelizations, work on this particular adaptation has stopped for the time being. However, this is a book that I get asked about frequently, with many readers telling me that this is their favorite adaptation on the site. So if you’ve been waiting patiently for Godzilla: Chapter 3, don’t worry… its coming!


As I said in the last status report, the adaptation of this film (which is based on the legendary original Japanese cut of the film, unavailable in the United States until recently) has been a unique and exciting opportunity for the GNP.  To be able to present Honda and Sekizawa’s original, hilariously satirical vision to western readers is truly an honor, and it’s something I’m definitely taking my time on.

Only Chapter 1 has been completed and posted thus far, and my continuing research into the period (specifically the Japanese “Economic Miracle” and its effects on television, advertising, and big business) has prevented me from converting my outlines into further chapters. However, this remains another popular adaptation on the site (despite consisting of a single chapter!), so once I feel satisfied with the research, work on the next chapter can continue.


As mentioned last time, this is another novelization that requires a surprising amount of research.  How did politics on a local level work in 1964?  What does the Kurata Beach disaster communicate in regard to the modernization, industrialization, and urban expansion of Japan during such a prosperous decade?  How big a role did the press play at the time, and just what was the price of a chicken egg back then?  Lots to discover, and lots to learn!

All that said, the next chapter (and the next “in universe” newspaper article penned by Akira Takarada’s character, Ichiro Sakai) has been outlined and given a fair amount of research. The next part of the story will begin with the Sakai article, and then move into the examination of the “monster egg” by our heroes… and one very smarmy villain. Stay tuned!


Two chapters in, and this adaptation remains a joy to write. The most recent chapter was received very well, and work on the next one is on-again, off-again. Research into the tumultuous era that produced this unique story is ongoing, and putting this oft-derided film into its proper historical context remains a massively important part of this adaptation. I’m not sure when the next chapter is coming, but I hope it’s soon!


As mentioned a few months ago, the process of writing this truly INSANE film as a book has been one of the most enjoyable creative experiences of my life.  This is evident in the fact that Hedorah is, as of this writing, the longest novel on the site, currently sitting at five chapters (including the prologue)!  The chance to take a film so infamous for is visuals and translate it into the written word is a thrill, and often times a serious challenge. (Since the last update, these challenges were chronicled in this GNP Monster Musing Blog.)

Although work on this one has slowed down in recent months, Chapter 5 is shaping up nicely, and further chapters are already outlined. That psychedelic nightclub won’t be safe much longer… 


Talk about a fun novelization to write! I’ve always loved the characters in this film, and having the opportunity to explore them deeper is a true thrill. That fun has been reflected in this novel’s progress; at four chapters and counting, Gigan is now the second longest book on the website! Readers have really been enjoying this one, and I’m happy to announce that the next chapter is being written as we speak.

In fact, as of right now… drumroll please… this is a top contender for being the first completed book on the site! I make no promises, and I still have a LONG way to go, but if I can keep up the momentum (and the support of readers like you continues), it’s entirely possible that this adaptation will be nearing completion around the time of the next Status Report. Will I succeed? Time will tell…


This is another book I’ve hit a few roadblocks on.  As I’ve discussed before, one of Megalon’s biggest issues as a film is its cardboard cutout characters.  Therefore, as I refuse to write for cardboard cutouts, it falls to me to provide them with the character they are lacking.  It all boils down to this: I’ve committed to thinking harder and longer about Godzilla vs. Megalon than perhaps a human brain ought to.

And – perhaps predictably – I’m enjoying it immensely.

Chapter 2 is making excellent progress, with the conversion from outline/notes to actual chapter well underway.  I’m not sure when to expect this one, but rest assured, its coming!


Unfortunately, the status on this book remains the same as the last time progress was shared a few months ago.  Much like Mothra vs. Godzilla, a surprising amount of research is required to make this novel authentic.  Specifically, knowledge of the history of Okinawa, it’s past and then (1974) current relationship to Japan, and its unique religious background are all necessary in presenting an accurate portrayal of the setting of the story.

The good news is that research into these topics is going well, if slowly.  Once I have acquired the necessary knowledge to accurately portray the setting of the film, then work on the next chapter will resume.  Hopefully it doesn’t take too much longer!


This is the most recent novel started on the site, and as of this writing, it is planned to be the last for some time. As mentioned elsewhere, the focus of the project is now squarely on crafting new chapters for already started books. The entire idea behind having multiple adaptations being worked on at the same time was to give the site some variety during its early days, and after two-and-a-half years, I felt that the variety I was looking for was finally in place.

That said, the adaptation of Spacegodzilla has been wonderful to work on, as it’s always been a personal favorite film of mine in the franchise, as well as a film that I feel is far better than its reputation. Chapter 2 is making progress, and I’m hoping to have it ready to publish before next year’s G-FEST.


Without getting too much into the story here, this is a particularly special adaptation for the GNP. This book was a special request from a wonderful Godzilla fan named Josh, a young man whose bravery in the face of life-altering health issues continues to humble me. Nearly a year and a half after #GodzillaforJosh started trending on social media, I couldn’t be more thrilled that Josh is thriving and remains both loved and supported by Godzilla fans far and wide.

First and foremost, this book is for him. The next chapter will be coming before too long, and I can’t wait for both Josh and all of you to read it.


As mentioned elsewhere, this story is a unique one for the project as it is being told from MULTIPLE perspectives, including jumping between first-person accounts of the film’s events (such as the Prologue taking Akane’s perspective) and traditional third-person chapters. The final result should make for an interesting (and hopefully coherent) read that continues to be an exciting challenge to write! The next chapter will assume a new perspective as the events following Godzilla’s initial nighttime attack are seen through the eyes of the government, specifically Kumi Mizuno and Akira Nakao’s characters. Expect it soon!


If you read my last status report, then you’ll remember that there was a mystery project gathering dust on my laptop’s hard drive turned out to be the prologue to Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla. Well, in the interceding months, that mystery project has been replaced with ANOTHER mystery project! Which story could it be adapting? You’ll have to wait to find out…

Ain’t I a stinker?



This one – no pun intended – has been an interesting case. The story – told as an “in-universe” testimony delivered by the film’s sole survivor upon his rescue – currently consists of five parts, plus an introduction. After dedicating a lot of time to writing what I estimate to be half the story (meaning that you can expect it to clock in at ten parts once it’s done), extenuating circumstances in my life caused me to stop for a while, and when work on the GNP resumed, I began working on another adaptation instead. With much of my focus on Gigan at the moment, this is one of the stories I haven’t touched in a hot minute. Rest assured, however, that Part 6 has been fully outlined, and half written, so this tale of madness and mushrooms should be continuing soon…


Ever since launching the Timeline section of the site, I have been absolutely blown away by the amount of attention it has gotten. Even on days when the novelizations receive little web traffic, all of the timelines get an often shocking number of views. It’s been humbling to see that all the hard work that goes into researching, cataloguing, and writing the (sometimes obscure) facts in these timelines is being appreciated and enjoyed by fans!

Work on the timelines has slowed in recent months due to focus on other projects, but work is still being done behind the scenes on research for future updates. Look for events from several drafts of the shooting script for the 1998 film (which has led to some interesting discoveries!), several publications released to promote the film, both the adult and junior novelizations, episodes of the animated series, two Godzilla: The Series comics, and even the GameBoy game coming to the Sony Timeline soon!

The Anime Timeline continues to be one of the site’s most popular pages, even with more than a year and a half having elapsed since the release of the final film in the trilogy. Expect additions pertaining to the events of Planet of the Monsters to be published to the timeline in the near future!

Work on the Monsterverse Timeline is an ever-evolving process, especially with the bevy of new lore that has come out in the wake of 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Info on the events of Kong: Skull Island is due to hit the timeline soon, and research into the lore of Godzilla vs. Kong will begin when… well, whenever the movie finally begins its marketing!

Lastly, there’s the Showa Timeline. This project has been a long time in the making, and it was finally launched back in July to coincide with a panel I co-presented on the subject of Showa-era continuity for Kyle Yount’s Kaiju Con-Line. (That panel can be listened to – in all its technical difficult-riddled glory – right here.) The response to this Timeline has been… well, overwhelming. I’m talking HUNDREDS of hits on the website within the first few days of its publishing. Talk about an amazing reception! I couldn’t be more grateful to the readers who’ve checked it out, and I’m happy to announce that the next part of the Timeline is pretty much complete and will hit the site in the next few weeks!


This is another part of the site that has slowed down considerably. While I’m proud of the material published already (especially the recently posted examination of Hedorah’s symbolic imagery I mentioned earlier), I really want the idea of behind-the-scenes blogs (and general pontifications on all things kaiju) to be a bigger part of not just the GNP, but of my overall writing contributions to the Godzilla fandom.

That said, I’m considering a radical shift in direction for the Monster Musings. It’s an exciting possibility, and I’ll be sure to share more with you as it develops…


As always, there’s a LOT more going on behind the scenes of the GODZILLA NOVELIZATION PROJECT than it might seem! There are a ton of chapters that have been outlined, and a number of concepts that have been documented for future use. Research on various aspects of the series continues on a daily basis, and new opportunities for collaboration and promotion are manifesting for the project!

First up is a massive one in terms of site aesthetics. Thanks to the support of my incredible Patreon peeps, the website is no longer a janky, ad-filled mess. The artist formerly known as godzillanovelizationproject.wordpress.com is no more… and the shiny new godzillanovelizaionproject.com has risen to take its place! I now own the domain, and as a result, the site runs smoother, looks better, and has been getting even more traffic! This would not have been possible without the generous aid of my Patrons, so HUGE thanks to Aaron “Rant Reviews” DiManna, Alison Fey, Nathan “Monster Island Film Vault” Marchand, Jane Meyer, Jacob M. Spencer, Kyoei Toshi, Mabause Cast Podcast, and of course, the inimitable Jimmy From NASA for helping to make this gigantic improvement to the GNP possible! You are all, quite literally, the BEST.

On the subject of Patreon, I’m glad to announce that a few alterations and clarifications have been made. Supporting for only $1 a month gets your name enshrined on the website’s dedication page and entitles you to a bevy of Patron-exclusive posts, blogs, BTS material and more. Higher tiers include such perks as reading all new chapters and blogs 24 hours before anyone else, and even the chance to have your name inserted into the Godzilla novelization of your choice! If any of that sounds intriguing to you, check the page out here and see if anything tickles your fancy.

Now on to the subject of possible GNP merch (something I get asked about more often than I honestly thought I would!). As mentioned before, I’ve been approached by several parties that are interested in producing items for the project, which is definitely exciting! I’ve even crafted prototype images of a few of these items, which only Patreon supporters have seen thus far. If things like GNP shirts/apparel, buttons/pins, stickers, coffee mugs, or other goodies interest you, please let me know, and seeking avenues to get that stuff produced will become a priority! (But remember, making this stuff isn’t cheap, and most of my GNP budget goes to research materials. There is currently a goal on my Patreon page that states that, if the project starts making $50 a month from supporters, the production of merch can officially begin! As of this Status Report’s writing, I’m extremely close to hitting this goal, and only a few more dollars a month will unlock it. If this is something you want to see happen, donating even a dollar a month on Patreon REALLY helps! The more backers I get, the better merch I can offer!)

Beyond the realm of website improvements and Patreon plugging, there have been a number of other fun things going on with the project, yours truly, and various combinations thereof. As mentioned before, I was a panelist during July’s Kaiju Con-Line event. With G-FEST having been canceled this year, Kaijucast creator and all-around awesome dude Kyle Yount took it upon himself to put on an online convention for kaiju fans. Despite some insane technical difficulties, fellow panelist Nathan Marchand and myself trudged through and finished our presentation. BIG thanks to Kyle for saving our proverbial rear ends when things went south; I’m absolutely buying you a drink at G-FEST next year, dude. In addition to this, I got to – quite literally – act out my lifelong dream of voice acting not once, but TWICE this summer! I appeared in the role of Dr. Hikaru Shida in the Kaijusaurus Podcast’s production of Godzilla Unmade: Bride of Godzilla?, and played a Matango-obsessed scientist named Dr. Dourif in Nate’s hit podcast, The Monster Island Film Vault. I had SO MUCH FUN playing these roles, and I can’t wait to do more voice acting in the future!

Speaking of podcasts, you can expect to hear me on more of them in the future! By the time this update is posted, I’ll have recorded an interview with The Kaiju Groupie Podcast, which I’m super looking forward to. I’ll also be returning to MIFV for a celebration of the show’s one-year anniversary, and I’m also booked to appear on the Kaiju Apostle Podcast in the near future. I am, to put it mildly, quite excited!

And finally – in another GNP tradition – I’ll leave you with a cryptic tease for an upcoming development that I’m super excited about. Something that comes up fairly often when readers ask me questions is the possibility of one day producing audio book versions of the finished GNP novels. I’ve mentioned before that this is something I’d absolutely love to do, but wasn’t sure where to start, when such a development would occur, or if it were even possible to do in the high-quality way I’d require. Well, I can’t give too much away yet, but an avenue for converting at least one of the GNP’s novelizations into a full, high-quality audio book has opened up. I’ll share more when things get finalized (and remember, this won’t happen until books start getting finished), but trust me… if this pans out, it’ll absolutely be worth the wait.


Well, I think that’s just about as much as my fingers can type! This was a long read, so congratulations if you made it this far down the preceding wall of text! I feel it’s important to keep you guys in the loop, so hopefully these status reports are appreciated.

That said, I’d like to end this Status Report by, once again, thanking you all for your support, your encouragement, your patience, and your faith. Being able to pursue this dream is an incredible gift, and doing it without readers would be a difficult challenge, to say the least. It has been one heck of an amazing few years, but I assure you, we are just getting started. There will be much more to read (and write!), more camaraderie to be enjoyed, and (hopefully!) more fun to be had. I hope you’ll all continue to come along for the ride.

Thanks to you all! Onward to Fall!

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